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The November Edition | November 8, 2018
Katherine Peters
President & CEO

Message from the President

Greetings friend, and welcome to the November Comfort Connection!
The season of eating is upon us! Thanksgiving is behind us and all the festivities of Christmas are just ahead! This Thanksgiving dinner was particularly delicious, and I ate more than usual. After that dinner at my mom’s, my body said, “ENOUGH!” I had been on the slippery sugar slope for a couple of weeks and chocolate was becoming a very comforting acquaintance each evening. After too much turkey, fresh home-made buns, and pumpkin pie with whipping cream, I had reached my limit!
My husband and I had been planning a five-day water-only fast so he could reverse his newly acquired allergy to Manitoba strawberries. He was too busy with work deadlines to participate in our five-day fast, but I was ready. I was ready to detox, reset the cravings, and let my body produce new stem cells. So, on Sunday morning after the Saturday evening gorge, I began.
Fasting is pretty boring, but pretty simple in the decision-making department. I didn’t have to decide what I was going to eat every day. I just had to decide what temperature would I like my water, and how much should I drink! It’s not only the cheapest way to regain your health, it is by far the most effective. I naturally dropped a few excess pounds (8.5 to be exact in five days). Wow, was I actually carrying around that much extra weight?
My biggest question was, “Would I still be able to function at work?” I found as long as I kept my physical activity level to a minimum, I could carry on as normal. But my brain was working overtime! At times it was super active with lots of ideas and clarity, but towards the evening it got quite slow. You see, my body usually spends 50% of its energy digesting food. By shutting that digestion factory down, my body was able to spend that energy elsewhere. It asked, “What other parts of this body needs attention? What can I clean up? What can I heal?”
The five-day water-only fast was an incredible experience. I felt so CLEAN afterwards. I had absolutely no blemishes on my skin. The lymphnodes by my ears/top of jaw were particularly sore at the end of my fast. I guess they were working overtime to clean up some deep infections I didn’t even know I had. When I started, I had severe lower back pain. Once I stopped eating, the back pain was gone!
Fasting is the best way to reduce inflammation caused by too much sugar, or acid in your body. I’ve regained the self-control I was lacking and I’ve made some permanent changes. I slowed down enough to hear the still small voice saying, “B e   s t i l l.” That is quite an accomplishment for me.
I’m still down 5-6 pounds and thinking I should probably buy some smaller pants.
If you are still reading this, good for you! Most people think they could NEVER fast for one day, let alone five! That was me, until I tried it. Once I started learning about the health benefits, I was hooked. My next big fast will be in January – trying for seven days. Who wants to join me?  

Katherine Peters
President & CEO

Comforts of Home – Care 

My 5-Day Fast Journal

Day 1
I knew yesterday that today would be a good day to fast. So here I go on a journey for longer than I have ever fasted!
All morning until about 2:00 pm I didn’t even notice not eating. That’s what happens when you overeat the night before. I drank lots of water and cleaned up the kitchen from the night before. Not eating didn’t bother me. I froze some soup and squash so it wouldn’t go bad in anticipation of fasting a few more days… and grated some zucchini from my garden.
9:00 pm—Feeling cold, tired, and out of zip. I did a lot of work on the computer from about 3:30 pm until now. Time to watch a show and go to bed.
Day 2—down 2 pounds
So glad I am down in weight! Fasting is a good way to put the breaks on when I’ve had a couple of weeks of out-of-control eating. It takes so little time. I don’t have to decide what I am eating. I don’t have to take any time to cook.
I had a bit of congestion and a very phlegmy cough this morning. It went away for the day and returned in the evening.
However, I am tired and don’t get as much done as I usually do. A slower pace is a nice change from my crazy life! Good thing we have a fire going in our wood stove. I am wearing my warmest sweater and the house is sweltering. I am just right!
I was sooo thirsty this morning. My mouth was so dry and my tongue felt so heavy and coated. So I drank tons of water…
Really, aside from being lower energy, my day was fine. I was a little hungry… but then I just drank water. I took the seeds out of the pulp of some squash to roast later. I can’t work with ready-to-eat food or I would eat it.
I haven’t really had any headaches these past 2 days. Usually when I fast, I have a ‘detox’ headache. Bonus. It’s 9:00 pm—I’m ready for bed!!

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Recipe of the Month: Bone Broth

The healing benefits of bone broth are numerous! It's a great way to break your fast, too.
Give this easy, good-for-you recipe a try and enjoy it all winter long...

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How Does Fasting Reverse Allergies & Other Health Benefits

As I mentioned earlier in this newsletter, my husband is allergic to Manitoba strawberries. He breaks out in an itchy rash on his stomach, arms, and legs. This is his favourite food in the whole world. Last summer, he bought 10 pounds of Manitoba-grown strawberries and polished them off in about two days. His body went into automatic artillery mode and started creating antibodies to attack the abundance of whatever is in Manitoba strawberries. He had an allergic reaction and broke out in a rash instantly. Interestingly, he is not allergic to the strawberries we buy in the store, but they are not near as wonderfully tasty either.
We have a small strawberry patch in the front yard. He couldn’t resist eating those luscious sweet red berries this summer. He said the itchy angry rash all over his body was worth it! 
What does my husband’s allergy have to do with planning to fast? Well, I had heard somewhere that not only is fasting very good for you, but it can reset your immune system.
When a harmless substance is encountered by a person who is allergic to that substance (like dust or strawberries), the immune system may overreact. It may produce antibodies that attack the allergen. This causes allergic reactions like wheezing or a rash. When fasting, in order to save energy, the first thing the body loses are extra, useless, damaged cells including white blood cells.
Although white blood cells are needed for a healthy immune system, once the old cells are gone, new cells are created without the old useless information. So, if my husband were to fast for 5-7 days, his immune system would be ‘reset’ and he could eat his absolute favourite food in the whole world again without an allergic reaction.
What I’ve learned about prolonged fasting is you can literally rejuvenate stem cells, even if you are young or old. I learned after 24 hours to 3 days of fasting, you start producing new stem cells. Fasting eliminates old and damaged cells and causes new cells to be born. 
I checked out a number of articles on the benefits of extended days fasting but I especially liked what this one had to say. You can find many other web pages with experiences people have had with 5-7 day fasts. 

If you prefer videos over reading, Loren Lockman has much to say on the topic! 

One day my husband and I will fast together for 5-7 days, and I’ll let you know if it cures his Manitoba strawberry rash reaction!

Joke of the Month

Did you hear about the hungry clock?
He went back four seconds!
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