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The March Edition | March 10, 2022
Katherine Peters
President & CEO

Message from the President

Greetings friend, and welcome to the March Comfort Connection! 
Well officially, my years as owner and CEO at Comforts of Home – Care have come to an end. This is the last Newsletter Opening I will write for Comforts of Home – Care. Since it is my last newsletter, let me also share with you what I feel are the most important words I could share.
I went for lunch with a friend today, and she told me about her parent’s dairy farm in the Netherlands. As she was talking, I realized how necessary it is to continue to have purpose all through our lives. Her grandfather, who is 78, still rides his bicycle to the farm each morning to feed the cows. He gets on the tractor and fills up the grain trough. Her other grandfather comes around the farm and fixes anything that squeaks, builds whatever needs building, and makes himself useful. My own mother is 92 and still sews over 50 quilts a year for Thrive, a not-for-profit organization. It gives her purpose.
What is my purpose? What is your purpose? Am I retiring, do you ask? Will I be winding down and starting to relax? If you know who I am, you probably realize that’s just not me! The truth is, for many years I was so driven and restless. These traits are not only helpful, but necessary when starting, growing, and running a successful company like Comforts of Home - Care. But there is a growing emptiness associated with North American hustle. I was empty and lonely as I strove for more and more.
In the past 2 years, I learned another whole dimension to life. I have learned the meaning of 2 little words: Be Still. These words were dropped into my heart around the time of my accident over 3 years ago, but it took me a while before I began to grasp what this meant. Two years ago, I started Being Still and I started listening. In the stillness of surrender, I was able to hear Jesus speaking to me. Words of love, words of peace, words of wisdom. I experienced joy and healing in my heart, mind, soul, and body. Instead of that gnawing restless emptiness, I am now satisfied and full. 
Do I have a myriad of things to keep me busy? Of course!! LOL! If I want. But I’m just not driven anymore. Instead of ricocheting from one thing to the next, I stop and listen. I listen to what is happening around me, I listen to how I feel, and I listen to that still voice within. Life is so amazing when you stop and smell the roses and realize the delicate intentional creativity of the One who gave us life to enjoy!
I’ve heard a few more words over the past 2 years. The next word I heard was Wait!! A lot like the first, with a bit of a new nuance to it. The next word was Rest. This is so much better than Restless!! Lately, the word that keeps being spoken to me is Trust. When the future is uncertain, and life feels like a big storm... just Trust. God is bigger. Today, if you feel like God is inviting you to a changed life, stop what you are doing and have a conversation with Him. He is always listening and wants to talk to you. Let him drop these 3 little words in your heart... “I Love You.” Let him give you renewed purpose for life.
Blessings always as you learn to Be Still, Wait, Rest, and Trust!

Katherine Peters
President & CEO

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