Need a Covid-19 Vaccine?
Need a Covid-19 Vaccine?
& 1a STAFF
KCMS has been happily working overtime for you and your staff
KCMS has been working directly with the DOH and PHSKC to identify locations for you and your 1a staff to be vaccinated expeditiously. Even if you were able to get vaccinated as a physician, we can help 1a staff.
We have directed thousands of healthcare workers throughout King County to vaccination sites in the south, north, and east sections of King County over the past two weeks. Each of the vaccination sites provided KCMS with specific criteria for who they wanted KCMS to contact about vaccine availability - zip code, phase category, type of contact with patients, etc.  If you have not heard from us about vaccines, please use this KCMS Covid-19 Vaccine link to let us know you need assistance with getting a vaccine.
When you access the link you will be asked if you used the WA-DOH PhaseFinder to identify your vaccine phase. If you are a practicing physician and you or your staff are within 6 ft of persons who have potentially been exposed to Covid-19, you are 1a. Please fill out the KCMS form accordingly. You do not have to go to PhaseFinder.
The DOH PhaseFinder is up and running. It's not fully up to speed, lots of revisions to be made, but it's up!  It asks a series of questions, and at the end shares if an individual is eligible to receive the vaccine. If you are not 1a you are told to come back later. If you ARE 1a it provides you with a picture like the one for me below. Then you are instructed to take a screenshot, or print a copy, and bring it with you to your vaccination. The link you see in the photo will connect you to different hospital systems. KCMS's link will be an option as well. 
The PhaseFinder intake is based on an honor system of self-reporting. The KCMS Covid-19 Vaccine Link will be made available on the PhaseFinder system for the general public. KCMS will provide hospitals with a list of persons in each category, in each zip code as the vaccination process evolves.
PhaseFinder can be found here: 

To Note:
1. This is an unprecedented mass vaccination campaign that is going to take some time. Our experiences with connecting providers with vaccines have been incredibly uplifting for all of us at KCMS. Please let us know if we can help you too.
2. There are between 25-50k physicians/staff not affiliated with a hospital, or about 5k separate medical groups, that currently do not have a method to receive the vaccine.  KCMS is advocating for you.
3. With over a dozen hospitals that could provide the vaccines, there is room for distribution of the vaccines to these non-affiliated groups.
4. Most hospitals have committed to providing 20% of the doses they are allocated to physicians & their teams that are not affiliated with the hospitals.
5. Washington is scheduled to receive about 400,000 vaccines in January 2021.

Thank you for your patience!
We are working hard to safeguard you and your staff. 
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns via email. 

Nancy L. Belcher, Ph.D., MPA | CEO, King County Medical Society

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