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Complete your Major and Minor Checklists
November 3, 2022
Dear Student,
As we approach Spring 2023 registration, we are reaching out to share information regarding major and minor checklists.
Major and minor checklists must be submitted as part of your graduation packet for each major or minor you have declared. These checklists need to be completed by you as the student, signed by all those requested on the checklist, and then returned to you as the student for final submission through the electronic portal. You need to be aware of any internal deadlines set by individual departments, in addition to the November 30 submission deadline.
All questions about major requirements should go to your major advisor and/or department. If your advisor has approved a substitution for your major or minor requirements, they need to submit the Undergrad Major/Minor Approved Substitutions form. They can access this form under Faculty Forms in SIS. If your major requirements are not reflected on your student degree audit exactly as you plan to complete them, that is okay! Your signed major and minor checklists will be used to verify all major/minor requirements for graduation. Minor requirements are not yet coded on the student degree audit and will not be reflected.
For more information regarding your graduation application, please review the Graduation Packet website.
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