Welcome to our Newsletter with highlights from the Autumn Term
Dear Parents / Carers,

Welcome to the latest edition of our Newsletter.  It has been great to be able to welcome the children back to school and see them enjoying their education. Thank you for entrusting them to our care despite the fears and concerns that I know some of you had during lockdown. As you will have read in the communications that I sent out on Monday we have had our first confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the academy. We are following government guidelines and a small number of pupils that have been in close contact with the children infected, have been asked to self-isolate. 
We take great pride in that we have completed six weeks in school before having a case and it has been a team effort involving you the parents, the pupils and of course the staff.  I would particularly like to recognise the work of our hygiene services team who have worked tirelessly in ensuring that the academy is thoroughly cleaned, not only at the end of the day, but also at other key points when pupils may be at greater risk, such as lunch and break. 

To enable our return we did have to adapt the timings of the school day.  The pupils have impressed us by the way that they have taken all these changes in their stride and the positive way that they have approached school displaying high levels of effort in the classroom as well as resilience in coping with the new way of working. Last week I visited every classroom in the academy from Reception to Year 13 and observed children displaying a thirst for learning. It will be important that this positive start is maintained over the remainder of the academic year as we work to catch up on the lost learning.  Over the coming months teaching will focus on finding out what learning has been lost so that this can be replenished.  It is important that we teach what matters most but we also need to make sure that your child is being stretched and challenged. If your child is finding work difficult do let the teacher know but it is important that the pupils approach their studies with a growth mindset.  They may not understand the work yet, but they will once they have been taught (or retaught) it.

As you will have seen in the press the level of infection is creeping up across the country and areas such as Liverpool are facing increased restrictions.  We need to ensure this does not happen in West London and with this in mind the academy now expects staff and pupils, in the secondary phase, to wear masks on corridors and communal areas.  This is precautionary and I believe the vast majority of pupils understand and support this decision.  There are a very small number who regularly forget a face mask and these pupils need to be reminded that it is not necessarily about protecting them as individuals, as the risk to teenagers is quite low, but their parents, older relatives and the wider community.

As you can imagine we are doing everything we can to ensure that the academy remains open but we recognise the need for a contingency plan should large numbers of pupils have to work from home.  The most efficient way for staff to set work is electronically but we recognise that to do this you need internet access, WiFi and an electronic device.  If your home circumstances do not provide you with these facilities then do please let us know by contacting your child’s SafeWorker and where possible we will try and help you to ensure that your child is not disadvantaged in anyway.  The ability to complete work from home will be of particularly importance for parents of pupils in year 11 and 13 after the government confirmation that next summer's A-levels and GCSEs will go ahead, but with reduced content for some subjects and a start date pushed back by three weeks.  My best advice to pupils in these year groups is that they should imagine that every piece of work they do, between now and July, could provide evidence of their Centre Assessed Grade, should one be required.  It is therefore imperative that they always produce each piece of work to the best of their ability.

Despite all the additional difficulties created by the coronavirus I must finish by saying how much I have enjoyed my first five weeks leading the academy.  There will be challenges ahead but I am confident that we can continue to provide a high quality education for your child, even in these challenging times.  I hope you enjoy the Newsletter, I do think it is impressive to see so many activities taking place, and encourage you to follow my weekly messages on social media.
Kind Regards,

Phil Cosby

Acting Principal & CEO

Alec Reed Academy

Hot Chocolate Fridays!
Our first Hot Chocolate with the Head nomination of the school year was awarded to 10 student Vlada! She received the nomination from Mr Cooper who praised her for producing high quality revision notes for her Science GCSE. Well done to Vlada!

Second to be nominated was Lawa in year 8! Lawa was nominated for showing excellent behaviour and offered to present his work to the class in a professional and sensible manner. Well done Lawa!

Next was Deep in year 7 who was nominated for being resilient, independent and caring towards others! He is also a great role model to everyone and a great addition to ARA – well done Deep!

Artem, in year 9 was the most recent to be awarded a Hot Chocolate with the Head. Having only just joined ARA in September he has settled in very well! He is always respectful and puts 100% into his work. He helps pupils around him when they need help! He is a role model to his class - Well done Artem!
The Huracan Foundation Project
Alec Reed Academy has recently been selected to host a football participation and leadership programme aiming to build student confidence and wellbeing. Mr Cooper’s application was among 5 selected out of a total 47 worldwide applications. As a Huracan Foundation Project Leader, he will be supported to manage a project that uses football to improve the lives of children in the school community.

Huracan FC started out as a Sunday league team, named in honour of the Argentinian football team a travelling teacher fell in love with. After igniting widespread support in Argentina, the team were inspired to start a global movement focused on improving children’s lives through local football and education projects, and The Huracan Foundation was born. Since then, they have supported projects in Brazil, India, Colombia, Ghana, Nepal and more! In collaboration with Teach For All, they are continuing to support new projects all around the world. You can find out more about the projects at thehuracanfoundation.org 
Throughout the month of October, ARA are celebrating Black History Month and remembering the importance of black history. Below are some examples of subject specific slide-shows that are being focused on in lessons
Art - Edmonia Lewis 
The first professional African-American and Native-American sculptor, Edmonia Lewis earned critical praise for work that explored religious and classical themes.
The daughter of a black father and part-Ojibwa mother, she was orphaned at an early age and, as she later claimed, was raised by some of her mother's relatives.
Lewis attended Oberlin College in Ohio where she emerged as a talented artist. The abolitionist (to end slavery) movement was active on the Oberlin campus and would greatly influence her later work.
But life at college came to a violent end when Lewis was falsely accused of poisoning two white classmates. Captured and beaten by a white mob, Lewis recovered from the attack and then escaped to Boston, Massachusetts, after the charges against her were dropped
French - Bessie Coleman 
Bessie Coleman was a brave dreamer and a risk-taker. She was born in 1892 in poverty to a large family in Texas, at a time when sexism and racism were the norm in American society. 

She worked as a manicurist, but decided that she loved the idea and the adventure of flying an aeroplane.
However, at the time, no one in the USA would train a young black woman to fly. 

But Bessie found out that France had a world known flight school that was more welcoming and willing to train her – if she could get there. Bessie was determined to go to France to train as a pilot, so she worked in the day in a chilli parlour just to raise enough money for her travels. She would then spend her evenings working hard to teach herself French. She raised money that she didn’t have, and learned a language that she didn’t know, in order to earn an International Pilot’s License in 1921.
Geography - Wangari Maathai
Kenyan politician & environmental activist who was awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize for Peace, becoming the first black African woman to win a Nobel Prize. 
She was the founder of the Green Belt Movement and wrote four books;
1.The Green belt Movement
2.Unbowed; A Memoir
3.The Challenge of Africa
4.Replenishing the Earth 

Science - Mae Jemison
The first African American woman in space (1992).

She is also a doctor, a Peace Corps volunteer, a teacher, and founder and president of two technology companies.
Mae did well in high school, and attended Stanford University on scholarship at the age of 16. 

She earned a science degree in chemical engineering and an arts degree in African and African-American studies. She went on to earn a PhD in medicine in 1981. 

After working as a GP, she served over 2 years as a volunteer in the Peace Corps, spending time in Sierra Leone and Liberia (Africa). She also speaks Russian, Japanese and Swahili.
Drama - Ira Aldridge
Aldridge performed some of Shakespeare's greatest roles during his career, including Lear, Othello and Macbeth.
Aldridge was one of the highest paid actors in the world at a time when black roles - such as Othello - were played by white men with blackened skin.
Born in New York before the abolition of slavery, he emigrated to the UK in order to pursue opportunities impossible for a black man in the US. He went on to establish himself as a formidable Shakespearean actor throughout Europe. His daughters also became performers. 
History - Booker T Washington
Booker T. Washington (1856 – November 14, 1915) was a leading African-American leader and intellectual of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He founded an educational establishment in Alabama and promoted a philosophy of economic self-reliance and self-improvement for the black population. Born a slave, Washington grew up in a deeply racist and segregated society. Due to the deeply entrenched hostility, he felt it was necessary to accept segregated laws and concentrate on economic and cultural self-improvement. However, his conservative stance on race relations became increasingly criticised by a new generation of civil rights leaders who wished to be more assertive in challenging segregation and the Jim Crow Laws. Washington is widely acknowledged for playing a significant role in promoting education for African-Americans and slowly raising the hopes and aspirations of an oppressed people.
Maths - Martha Haynes
She is remembered as the first black American woman with a Ph.D in mathematics in 1943.
She played an instrumental role in changing the face of the education system from which the blacks were often segregated or very few in number. For forty-seven years, Haynes taught at Washington DC’s public schools.
She was also the first woman to chair the DC School Board. Haynes’ also served as chair at Dunbar High School and District of Columbia Teachers College for their respective mathematics departments. At Miner Teachers College, she went as far as establishing the mathematics department altogether.
PE - Jesse Owens
During the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Adolf Hitler attempted to use the Games as a showcase for his Third Reich and the supposed superiority of the Aryan race.
Jesse Owens turned that theory on its head right quick by winning four gold medals in the 100m sprint, the long jump, 200m sprint, and the 4x100m relay.
Owens decided to capitalize on his success by returning to the United States to take up some of the more lucrative endorsement offers. United States athletic officials were furious and withdrew his amateur status, which immediately ended his career.
Jesse Owens returned home from the 1936 Olympics with four gold medals and international fame, but there were no guarantees for his future prosperity. Racism was still prevalent in the United States, and he had difficulty finding work. He took on menial jobs as a gas station attendant, playground janitor, and manager of a dry cleaning firm. He also raced against amateurs and horses for cash.
Technology - Walt Braithwaite
Born in Jamaica, Walt Braithwaite received a degree in engineering in 1966 and joined up with Boeing the same year.
Braithwaite's team developed computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems for Boeing, which led the way for airplanes and, eventually, many other products designed entirely through software.
Braithwaite also became the highest-ranking black executive at Boeing when he was named president of Boeing Africa in 2000. After 36 years with the aircraft titan, he retired in 2003.
✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Black History Month -
Competition ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
The competition below is open to all subject areas covering the national curriculum. It’s a fun and engaging way to teach children at home about Black British History and how it helped shape our country.
For more information on the competition please click HERE.
Post 16 News
Post 16 - Student Leadership Team 
Alec Reed Academy are proud to announce the appointments for the newly formed 6th Form Student Leadership Team. The interviews took place on Friday 9th October 2020 and candidates were a credit to themselves and the school and it was tough decision. Please join us in congratulating Sebastian and Eneida as Heads of Student Leadership and a huge well done to the Deputy Student Leaders, Shanti, Shervanyah and Amaar. 

Head of Student Leadership: Sebastian and Eneida 

Deputy Head of Student Leadership: Shanti – Mentoring 

Deputy Head of Student Leadership: Shervanyah – Student Voice 

Deputy Head of Student Leadership: Amaar – Prefect Support Team 

Year 12 Art Work
Below are some very impressive pieces of art work by year 12 students Kayla, Elina and Aleksandra showing an excellent demonstration of observational drawing by our very talented students!
Sixth Form University Destinations 2020
A massive well done to all our Post 16 leavers in 2020 for making it through what was such a difficult year. We are all very proud of you and your achievements.

Well done to Diksha who managed to secure a place at Oxford University to study Law, Mathusan who secured a place at Kings College London to student Dentistry, Louis for securing a place at London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and Adbulrahman & Stefan for both securing a place at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, studying Economics. Congratulations to you all. 
Virtual Tour of ARA
Unfortunately due to the government restrictions regarding limited gatherings from different households we were unable to hold our Open Evening event as originally planned and advertised. 

Instead, we put together a detailed virtual tour of the academy for you to give a feel of what we have to offer take a look: 
Autumn 1/2 Term - October 2020
Uploading Homework Electronically
We are so pleased to see how many High School students are uploading their homework electronically onto ClassCharts. If you or your child is still struggling, please see this short video - this method also works on other devices.
The way we are learning is changing and this term, both staff and students have been coming to grips with blended or hybrid learning.  Simply put, ‘blended learning’ means that learning can take place in a typical physical classroom, online or a combination of both. 
Blended learning is our chief strategy for engaging our students with their schoolwork when they have to self-isolate or in the case of a lockdown. Therefore, it is important that all students and parents understand how blended learning works at ARA. 

Microsoft Office 365 is the platform we will use for our new learning strategy and every ARA student now has access to applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint across five devices (including their mobile phones).  Perhaps our most important application is Microsoft Teams and student have been trained during form time on how to take part in online and blended learning using this application. 

As with all learning environments, our virtual one comes with a set of rules and expectations.  All parents and guardians would have received a copy of our ICT Acceptable Use Policy for students.  There is also a copy of the policy on our website. 

How can parents or guardians support blended learning? 

Read the ICT Acceptable Use Policy and discuss it with your child. 

Check that they have downloaded Microsoft Teams on their mobile phone and other devices they will use for their learning. 

Check that your child knows how to log on to Microsoft Teams (it is their usual school login – which they are familiar with - that should be used). 

Ask your child to show you their virtual learning space.  Useful questions to ask them include: (1) Which classes have you been added to on Microsoft Teams? (2) How will you know if a teacher has set you a task or an assignment? (3)  How do you hand in your completed work? (4) How will you know if there is an online lesson that you should attend? (5) How do you get in touch with your teacher if you need help? 

If your child does not have access to technology, please make contact with your child’s SaFE Worker. 
Winter Coats 

Thank you to all the parents/carers who have sent their child or children into the Academy with a winter coat. As one of our Covid Health and Safety measures, the children are spending more time outside at breaks and lunch times, so a coat is now an essential item. If you have not sent your child into the Academy with a winter coat yet, please can you make this a priority. We have had a few children arrive at the Academy wet or cold this and it is difficult for them to concentrate on their learning when this happens.

Money Raised for Prostate Cancer UK
A massive thank you to Patricia Touhey for providing us with handmade face masks to sell at the Academy in order to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK - together, we have managed to raise a total of £200!

School News App

To keep up with the lastest news happening in and around the school, you can download our FREE school new app.
How does the app work?

Firstly, you will need to download the app from either the iTunes App Store, Google Play or Windows Store.

Once you have located and downloaded the free app, launch the app and you will then be able to either click on the ‘Find my school’ button which uses the phones GPS to locate all the schools in the surrounding 20 miles, or you can type in the schools postcode and click on ‘Get my school’ button.

Your school's postcode is: UB5 5LQ

You will then see a list of schools that use the app. Click on Alec Reed Academy

You will then be able to click on the ‘News’ button to view all of the latest news items that have been added to the school webiste.

Uniform Shop

The Academy is operating social distancing and has closed the physical shop until further notice. Parents are asked to use the Academy’s online shop, and information about how to use the online shop is below.
Items can be purchased online through our web site. To see the online shop click here to view and order the uniform. Detailed measurements for items of uniform are shown below to help you assess which size will fit your child. If you need further information or assistance, please email Uniformshop@alecreedacademy.co.uk

Payment should be made by credit or debit card, you do not need a Parent Pay account.

Once orders have been placed online, you will be notified by email when your order is ready. This normally takes 2 to 4 days.

During term time, the order will be given to your child to take home. If any items ordered are out of stock, we will contact you by email to let you know the date we expect to fulfil the order. For pupils starting mid-year, you will be given a time to collect your items. To collect items, you should come to the Main Reception.

Around Ealing Feature

If you didn’t get the chance to see Alec Reed Academy on the front page of the latest edition of Around Ealing take a look HERE

Our very own Olivia Rooney on the front cover representing ARA! Olivia joined the ARA team in September after completing an apprenticeship with Work West.
Teaching Staff Vacancies
There are currently no vacancies available under this category
Associate Staff Vacancies 
Facility Lettings
Please note that our outside pitch area is now re-open for lettings and booking. 
For further information, please contact the Community Sports Centre on 0208 842 7930 or email cscm@alecreedacademy.co.uk
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