OIT Updates

A few updates and reminders from the Office of Instructional Technology before everyone heads out for the summer!

Streamlined Blackboard Support Form

Instead of submitting a separate request form for course copy and/or merge requests or for training requests, you can now make all requests on our main Blackboard Support and Services page
If you had the links to either the old copy and merge request form or the training request form bookmarked, now is the time to update to the new, all-inclusive form.  Or visit the link above, and select "Add to Favorites" to add this service page to a list of your most frequently used support forms.
Screenshot showing the

Course Copy Requests

Get ahead of the start of semester rush by requesting Summer and Fall 2021 copies (moving content from a current or past semester into a future course) and merges (merging the enrollments of two or more courses into a single, parent course) now.  
As a reminder, if you are requesting a merge in any of your courses, that request needs to be completed before we process a course copy for those courses; for convenience, you can request copies and merges at the same time on our form.
One additional tech notice regarding courses that use Knowmia - only links that have been utilized during the semester (i.e. clicked on by either faculty or students) will copy forward correctly.  This should not be an issue in most courses, but if you are setting up or revising a course in a development site, you do need to make sure you open each link before requesting a copy into a "live" course; this will ensure that the links copy correctly into the new course.  If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us at support.newpaltz.edu
As always, we encourage faculty to review course copies to make sure everything is functioning as expected in all areas and to reach out if any issues, including broken Knowmia links, are spotted.   

Webex / Blackboard Integration

Many faculty used Webex effectively in their classes in the 2020 - 2021 academic year and one companion tool that made this easier was the Webex Integration in Blackboard.  This tool allows faculty to create Webex sessions and series in Blackboard, which students can then access through Blackboard.  It also allows any recordings from the Webex session to be automatically available through the Webex Integration in Blackboard.  Finally, faculty are able to create sign-up times for Office Hours through this integration, though this tool has some limitations in the way it can be setup (feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your options). 
Please Note: one known issue with this integration is that you cannot access it while in student preview mode.  If you do access the Webex section of the course using the student preview mode, it may no longer recognize your login as having faculty privileges and you may not be able to edit or delete existing series.    

OIT is Proud to be Your Colleagues!

Over the last challenging year it was our honor to work with so many dedicated faculty and staff who were committed to making things work despite difficult circumstances.  It was inspiring to see the innovative and creative approaches that faculty developed to overcome some of the obstacles of transitioning abruptly to remote learning and we were happy to be able to help support these endeavors.  Our hope, of course, is that you add some of these tools and fresh assignments to your classes on a regular basis (even after things are "normal" again!) and that we can continue collaborating with you long term!  
Best wishes for a healthy and relaxing break this summer!
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