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Carrabelle Fly-In
We will be participating in the 1st annual public safety extravaganza being held on Saturday, May 12th at the Carrabelle airport beginning at 10:00 am.  There will be representatives from dozens of local agencies and organizations there to provide the public with information and demonstrations about the services they offer. 
The Humane Society will be present to answer questions about the services we offer and to educate both young and old about the importance of spaying/neutering, proper care for pets and the importance of adoption.  We will also have spay/neuter vouchers available for a $25.00 co-pay.
So, mark your calendars and join us this Saturday between 10:00 and 2:00.  See you there!
SGI Brewfest, The Best Yet!
The third annual SGI Brewfest was a huge success and we want to thank the organizers, sponsors, volunteers, breweries and participants for making it all happen!
The day was filled with fun, laughter, good friends, great beer, and dogs, dogs, dogs.  The Humane Society adopted 4 pups, 1 dog and 1 cat during the event and everyone enjoyed being a part of this wonderful day.
Plans for next year's Brewfest are already underway and will be held Saturday, April 27th.  Tickets were sold out this year so please mark your calendars for next year's event and buy your tickets early!
It looks like a kitten bomb went off in the shelter!  Kittens are coming in daily and they are all in need of adoption.  Some are with their mom, some are on their own, some are with their littermates but all will need a home.
There are white ones, black ones, striped and spotted ones.  Green eyes, gold eyes and even a few blue eyes.  Lazy ones, crazy ones,and pretty as a daisy ones.  No matter their personalities, they're all purrfectly adorable.
These babies won't be ready for a couple weeks but you are invited to the shelter to purrruse the selection and place a deposit hold on the kitten of your choice!
Walter was left in our drop pen in January as were many hounds that had been lost or discarded.  If you have spent any time in this area, you have witnessed the yearly heartbreak that occurs after hunting season.
Walter was in rough shape when he arrived.  He had old sores and scars, he was bony and had just about every parasite you can list but that didn's slow down our Walter.  He was a happy, vocal and goofy dog so we felt that if we could heal him physically, his natural exuberance would be appealing to a potential adopter, so we started treatment.
It took months before his fur grew back, his sores disappeared and he gained the weight he needed but he responded well and eventually our ugly duckling began to blossom.  His fur grew in and we were amazed to see a speckled coat where there once was none.  Bright, clear eyes where once they were dull, and an absence of visible ribs where once there were many.  
Last week a family came to the shelter looking for a pet and while walking through the kennels, expressed how sad the plight of hound dogs is in this community.  They voiced an interest in adopting a hound and giving it a home and family and then they saw Walter.  They walked right past "more adoptable" dogs and went directly to Walter.  After spending time with him, walking around with him on a leash and seeing how affectionate he was, they decided to adopt.  Below is a picture of Walter a couple days before he was adopted and a picture of him in his very own kiddy pool at home.  Our ugly duckling became our swan.
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