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2022-2023 Housing Process
Hi there,
As we enter our fourth week of the spring semester and a return to in-person activities, it’s already time to look ahead to the upcoming academic year. Today, Campus Living & Residential Education is excited to announce our 2022-2023 academic year housing for returning students and the process for you to apply for housing. We have a few exciting, new ways to provide you with more choice in where you live and who you live with, and today’s email outlines the process.
There’s no immediate action you need to take today, other than to learn more about 2022-2023 housing options, familiarize yourself with the application process, and begin conversations with your roommates, friends, or family about your housing desires for next year. 
Part of the process will begin next week and will continue on for the rest of this semester, along the following timeline:
  1. Feb. 7-10: Residency Exemption Request Period (Rising 3rd- and 2nd-Year Students)
  2. Feb. 15-22: Room Renewal Period / Application Period for Students with Approved DSS Accommodations
  3. Mar. 1-7: Application Period for Rising 4th-Year Students (and Friends)
  4. Mar. 22-28: Application Period for Rising 3rd- and 2nd-Year Students
  5. **Feb. 21-April 4: Special Application Periods: District House Affinity Living / Fraternity & Sorority Housing
This won’t be the last email you receive about this process! We will keep you informed when specific periods of this process that may pertain to you will be opening soon and when actions are required of you.
Your Class Year and Our Three-Year Residency Requirement
Housing at GW is based on your class year. This is determined using the year you were admitted to the university, not necessarily the number of academic credits you have. 
  • Your class year is (Contact Campus Living) and you are considered a rising (Contact Campus Living) student. If you believe this is inaccurate, let us know via email at
With our three-year residency requirement, all rising 2nd- and 3rd-year students are required to live on campus, unless granted an exemption to the requirement. Rising 4th-year students are not required to live on campus. If you are a rising 4th-year student and do not desire to live on-campus, there is nothing further you need to do. We wish you the best of luck with your off-campus housing search or continued living off-campus! 
2022-2023 Upperclass Residence Halls
With Thurston Hall reopening in August, some of our current first-year residence halls will become upperclass residence halls for 2022-2023. Take some time to familiarize yourself with next academic year’s upperclass communities:
You may notice a few current buildings missing from the list. The Aston and One Washington Circle will not be used for undergraduate student housing in 2022-2023, and Building JJ’s 2022-2023 use has yet to be determined.
We know the cost of a room/unit may be a factor in your on-campus housing choices. We anticipate that 2022-2023 on-campus housing and dining rates will be announced at the end of next week. Learn more about the upcoming changes to transform and re-envision GW’s dining experience - we will have new GW community only dining halls in Thurston Hall, Shenkman Halls, and District House!
Residency Exemptions 🏠
Requests for residency exemptions will be open from Feb. 7-10

Rising 3rd-year students will have an opportunity to request a 3rd-year residency exemption during a residency exemption request period from Feb. 7-10. During this period any rising 3rd-year student who submits a request during that period will be granted the exemption to live off-campus during the 2022-2023 academic year. Once the exemption request period has closed on Feb. 10, exemption requests from rising 3rd-year students will not be accepted. There is no required exemption criteria or documentation needed for rising 3rd-year student exemption requests.
Rising 2nd-year students seeking a residency exemption will go through a 2nd-year student exemption process also from Feb. 7-10. To be considered for an exemption in your 2nd-year you must meet one of our seven residency exemption criteria for 2nd-year students. Very few rising 2nd-year exemption requests are approved. 
Room Renewal ♻️
An exciting, new opportunity to keep your current room for next year (if eligible)

The first phase of our on-campus housing process kicks off with a very important question— If you had the chance to do it all over again, would you? And, if so, do you want to keep your current room to live in again next year?
If you are eligible based on the location of your building/room, our new room renewal opportunity may just be the opportunity you didn’t even realize you were waiting for.  
If your current spring room will be an upperclass building next academic year, you will have the opportunity to keep your current rooms for next year. This will also include the chance to pull-in friends into your current room for next year, if your current roommates will not be living on-campus next year or they choose not to participate in Room Renewal.
This Room Renewal period will last from Feb. 15-22.
Current residents of the following halls or communities will be not eligible for Room Renewal:
  • Potomac, Madison, Mitchell, Lafayette, and the Mount Vernon Campus. These are current first-year residence halls that will continue to be first-year halls in 2022-2023.
  • Aston, One Washington Circle, and Building JJ. These residence halls will not be in use or their use is yet to be determined for 2022-2023.
  • District House Affinity Suites and Fraternity & Sorority Chapter Housing. These are specialized community living spaces in which the community itself chooses who lives in these housing options.
Applying with Approved DSS Housing Accommodations 📝
The period for students with approved accommodations to apply for housing

If you have an approved housing accommodation from Disability Support Services, between Feb. 15-22 you will also apply for housing. We strongly encourage students eligible for Room Renewal with approved accommodations to use the Room Renewal process to keep your current room to meet your housing needs. If you aren’t eligible for Room Renewal, you will apply for housing during this period and will be assigned housing prior to the subsequent general student application periods. 
Rising 4th-Years (& Friends) 👥
Rising 4th-year students who do not participate in Room Renewal will be eligible to apply for housing from March 1-8. Rising 4th-year students will be provided the opportunity to create roommate groups and be assigned to rooms together with other upperclass friends. This also includes rising 3rd- and 2nd-year students, who will otherwise apply for housing later in March.
Rising 3rd- and 2nd-Year Students 👏
After rising 4th-year students (and their friends) apply and are assigned housing, all remaining rising 3rd- and 2nd-year students will apply for housing if you didn’t participate in Room Renewal. This 3rd- and 2nd-year application period will occur from March 22-28. 
Specialized Communities: District House Affinity Living / Fraternity & Sorority Chapter Housing 🫂
District House Affinity Living: Campus Living & Residential Education will have a specific application period for groups and student organizations to apply for affinity living in District House. After groups are chosen and affinity rosters are submitted, we will invite affinity group members to apply for housing if they haven’t yet done so through an earlier period of the 2022-2023 housing process. Learn more.
Fraternity & Sorority Chapter Housing: Each fraternity and sorority with on-campus chapter housing will have a dedicated set of deadlines to determine rosters. The GW Fraternity & Sorority Life Team will work with chapter House Managers to determine chapter housing rosters and important dates. After rosters are due, Campus Living & Residential Education will invite chapter members on housing rosters to apply for housing if they haven’t yet done so through an earlier period of the 2022-2023 housing process. Learn more.
Early Preview: Summer 2022 Housing for GW Students 🌞
It is good to get a jump start regarding your summer plans. Today we are sharing an early preview of summer 2022 housing for GW students. While summer housing applications will open later in March, here’s a sneak peak to help you begin planning your summer housing needs now: 
Virtual Info Session: The 2022-2023 Housing Process
In addition to information about the housing process on our website, Campus Living & Residential Education will host a virtual information session to walk through the 2022-2023 housing process in further depth, provide tips to navigate the process, and provide attendees a chance to ask questions. All students and families, up to Webex Event capacity, are welcome to attend. The session will be recorded and posted to our website for those unable to attend.
Virtual Info Session: The 2022-2023 Housing Process
Thursday, February 3  |  7:00 PM EST - 8:15 PM EST
Webex Event Link:
Today’s email provided you an overview of the 2022-2023 housing process and we know you may have questions regarding details on specific periods of the process or situations important to understand as you think about your 2022-2023 housing. Before emailing us, spend time reading further about the housing process on our new website. The returning student application section contains numerous Frequently Asked Questions that may answer your questions before you ever need to contact us directly.
After reading through the process details on our website, if you still have questions, reach out to us directly at
Have a great day,
Campus Living & Residential Education
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