Weekly Coach Newsletter - October 22, 2019
Weekly Coach Newsletter - October 22, 2019

Dear Coach,

Happy Member Appreciation Week! We're so glad you're part of our community. To celebrate, we're releasing a new 2019 final round performance on our YouTube channel every day this week. Be sure to subscribe! We hope you'll enjoy them yourself and share with others to spread the word about speech and debate. 

2018-2019 Leading Chapters

Each year the top chapter in accumulated members and degrees, not more than one per district, receives the Leading Chapter award. When a school receives the award, its accumulated total returns to zero and it begins a new record. The Leading Chapter award is given out by the district chair at the district tournament. We're excited to share the list of winners for the 2018-2019 school year! Advisors and administrators of winning programs have received letters of congratulations. 

Watch Jared Padalecki's Winning Duo

Did you know before Supernatural's Sam and Dean, there were Dominick and Eugene? Check out the Duo performance from national champions Jared Padalecki and Chris Cardenas at the 1992 National Speech & Debate Tournament!

We're Looking for Students Who Give Back

Does a student on your team lead service projects, volunteer, or otherwise help their school or community with the skills they honed through speech and debate? Nominate them for the Exemplary Student Service award! This award honors a student who upholds the highest standard of service, one of the core tenets of our Code of Honor. Current member students at any grade level are eligible for nomination by January 21.  
Submit a Nomination Now!

Public Forum January Topic Area

The January PF topic area is Latin America. Submit suggested changes to the starter resolutions below or a new resolution under this topic area by November 1 via this form
  • Starter Resolution #1 – Western countries’ recognition of Juan Guaidó was in the best interest of the Venezuelan people
  • Starter Resolution #2 – On balance, the rise of Russian influence in Latin America increases regional instability.

Event Spotlight: Extemporaneous Speaking

In Extemporaneous Speaking, or Extemp, students are presented with a choice of three questions related to current events and, in 30 minutes, prepare a seven-minute speech delivered from memory answering the selected question. There are two types of Extemp, International (also known as IX or Foreign Extemp), which focuses on international current events and United States (also known as USX or Domestic Extemp), which focuses on domestic issues. 
What's unique about Extemp? Students report to a draw room prior to the start of each round to draw topic slips and prepare. They may consult articles and evidence they gather prior to the contest, but may not use the internet during preparation. Thus, students who succeed in Extemp spend significant time reading a variety of news sources and keeping up with current events. 

Tips for Fundraising

Host Debates and Earn Grants with Big Questions » Big Questions is an accessible debate format that can be added to a tournament, held during a classroom period, or even done internally among your team. Schools are eligible to earn thousands of dollars by facilitating Big Questions debates. Space is limited and we're filling up fast! Interested in hosting an event this year? Apply by November 1 for consideration!
Free Platform » EdCo provides an online fundraising software platform for K-12 schools that empowers teachers and students to raise money from family, friends, and other members of their community. Through our partnership with EdCo, NSDA teams have raised more than $410,000 in donations. Set up a fundraiser today »
Get the Guide » Check out our fundraising guide created in partnership with EdCo for fundraising strategies and helpful tips!
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