September 21, 2021

Edition Topics

  1. Message from Interim Director Ed Martin
  2. Ed Talk - Live Q&A
  3. Agropolis Fondation Award - Bruce Tabashnik
  4. Assistant in Extension, 4-H Youth Development Pima County Seminars
  5. Wildcat Corps Program Transitions to State Extension Office
  6. Cooperative Extension Marketing "Office" Hours
  7. 2021 Cooperative Extension Livestock Survey
  8. Southern Arizona Hands-On Artificial Insemination Clinic
  9. New Extension Publications
  10. Turbeville Speaker Series with Dr. Jennifer Earl
  11. Tree Planting: Arborists’ Best Management Practices Webinar
  12. Frances McClelland Vision Awards Ceremony

Message from the Interim Director of Extension

In two weeks we’ll have our statewide Extension conference.  Dominic Rodriguez and the committee are putting on the finishing touches of what I expect will be our best virtual conference ever.  Tomorrow I have my first “Ed Talk.”  It’s been about 100 days since I started the interim position on June 12, 2021 and we thought it would be a good time to have a conversation.  Please send Dominic any questions you might have or if you prefer, you can put me on the spot, live on the Zoom call.  It’s good practice for me for when I have my county visits and meet the county Extension Advisory Board members.  See everyone tomorrow!

Ed Talk - Live Q&A

REMINDER:  Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 22nd at 1pm, the first “Ed Talk – Live Q&A” with Dr. Ed Martin.  Register here and submit questions using this link

Agropolis Fondation Award- Bruce Tabashnik

The Agropolis Fondation in France recently announced that Bruce Tabashnik is the winner of the 2021 Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize for Food and Agriculture in the Distinguished Scientist category.

The Agropolis Fondation - Louis Malassis Prize, awarded every two years, is aimed at recognizing individuals who have made an exemplary contribution, through their training, research or development actions, to promoting innovations that improve sustainable agricultural and food production systems and thereby help to address the challenges of food security and poverty eradication.

Here are links for the story & a 4-minute video:

Assistant in Extension, 4-H Youth Development Pima County Seminars

The Search and Screen Committee for the Pima County 4-H Assistant in Extension position invites you to review the recorded candidate seminars. The purpose of this assistant in extension is to recruit and support 4-H volunteers in various project areas.

All Cooperative Extension faculty and staff are invited to participate, especially anyone that may potentially collaborate with this new faculty member. 

Candidate Seminars are recorded:

Ashlea Gideon

Lauren Boswell

Evaluations will be due by COB Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

Wildcat Corps Program Transitions to State Extension Office

The Wildcat Corps program, serving 13 county Extension and FRTEP offices throughout the state, is transitioning from the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences to the state Extension office. Dr. Ed Martin will be the PI with Dr. Dan McDonald acting as co-PI on the grant. Christina Lipin will remain as the program coordinator, senior. This transition will have minimal impact at the program level, however you should expect to see changes in personnel handling background checks, payroll, and financial matters as a result of changing business offices. Holly Behan will handle background checks and payroll responsibilities previously taken care of by Amanda Zaman. We wish to thank the Norton School their Business Center for their support of this program over the years, and welcome Christina Lipin and our Wildcat Corps program back home!

Cooperative Extension Marketing "Office" Hours

Have a question about branding, marketing, social media posting? Stop by Cooperative Extension Marketing “Office” Hours with Marketing Manager, Jess Dorsey. She will hold “Office” Hours weekly Tuesdays from 11am – 12pm.

Join Here:

2021 Cooperative Extension Livestock Survey

- Please share with producers

To better assess the changing needs of livestock and horse producers in the state of Arizona we are requesting your participation in the 2021 Cooperative Extension Livestock Survey. The survey should be completed by individuals who raise any type of classification of livestock such as beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep, goats, llamas, and/or chickens. Results from the survey will help us develop a strategic plan for livestock related programs in the state. Whether you have one 4-H project or run a 1,000 head ranch we want to hear from you so that we can ensure our outreach efforts meet the needs and interests of all our producers!! 

The survey is voluntary and the information you provide will only be used to help develop the strategic plan, no identifying information will be collected. The survey will be available through November 21, 2021.  

Link to survey:  

If you have already completed this survey at another location or online, we thank you, and ask that you not fill it out again. Please share with other Arizona livestock producers that may not have received this information so they may submit their responses.  

If you have questions, would like more information, or need assistance in filling out the survey contact Joslyn Beard or 520-626-9532 or Debbie Reed or 520-626-7107.

Southern Arizona Hands-On Artificial Insemination Clinic

The Southern Arizona Hands-On Artificial Insemination Clinic will be held October 29-31 at the Santa Rita Ranch in Green Valley, AZ

This three-day clinic will focus on the fundamentals of AI for your cattle operation. Space will be limited to maximize the hands-on experience for the participants. The cost is $350 for all three days (includes lunch each day), or $550 for all three days + a complete AI kit from Bovine Elite ($350 value). 

Interested in learning if AI might be right for your operation, but not quite ready to commit to a three-day clinic? Come on Friday, Oct 29th, and participate in "Day One" of the AI clinic. Learn how the AI process works, why AI might (or might not) work for you, and the facilities and equipment needed to be successful. This day will also qualify for Beef Quality Assurance Continuing Education Credits. Only $30 to attend Friday Only (includes lunch).

More information and the registration link can be found here:

Space is limited to ensure participants have adequate time to practice. Sign up early to reserve your spot!

If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Wright

New Extension Publications

CBD Hemp Production in Arizona is an introduction to CBD hemp cultivation that focuses on several considerations for growing in the desert southwest.
Robert Masson

University of Arizona 2020 CBD Hemp Variety Trial detailed finding from UA field trials. Special focus placed on cannabinoid modeling, flowering photo period, and plant diseases.
Robert Masson

The How and Why of Calf Castration is an important management decision for ranchers to keep their cattle healthy and productive is castration.
Elizabeth A. Greene, Nate Brawley, Ashley Diane Wright, Juan Arias and Joslyn Beard

Using Repeat Photography as a Tool to Monitor Rangelands is a simple and relatively quick way to monitor rangelands. Repeat photography can illustrate changes over space and time for rangeland attributes like plant growth, species composition, total plant cover, litter, spatial arrangement of plants, and soil erosion.
Ashley L. Hall and Larry D. Howery

Backyard Chickens and Ectoparasites: Introduction and Management While keeping chickens may sound easy, it has also led to a surge in reports of ectoparasite and other pest issues related to keeping chickens that novice backyard chicken keepers have not anticipated.
Shaku Nair, Dawn H. Gouge and Amy C. Murillo

Turbeville Speaker Series with Dr. Jennifer Earl

Join us on Friday, October 8, 2021 from 1:15 PM -2:30 PM as Dr. Jennifer Earl presents her research, "Young People and Social Movements: What are Scholars and Movements Missing?"

Abstract: Young people have been, and continue to be, critical to social movements in the US and around the world. However, neither scholars nor social movement organizers often behave in ways that reflect the importance of young people. In this talk, I focus on three themes related to this: (1) I will report on existing and in-progress research that demonstrates the importance of young people to protest politics historically and today; (2) I will report on research that demonstrates that social movements are not doing much to reach out to young people; and (3) I will map out a way forward for both researchers and social movements. This research shows that young people have been active in movements despite their neglect, not because of adult facilitation, and offers suggestions about how an allyship model would allow social movements to better recognize, support, and benefit from the engagement of young people. Implications also include how social movement scholars may change to accommodate insights brought by studying young people’s involvement.

To register for the event click here:

Tree Planting: Arborists’ Best Management Practices Webinar

Event Date: September 23, 2021 11:00am to 12:00pm

Featured Speaker: Rebecca Senior works for the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension in Maricopa County, as an Assistant in Extension, Urban Horticulture. She is a Certified Arborist, a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, and an Arizona Certified Landscape Professional. She splits her time between coordinating Master Gardener training, creating a living classroom in the landscape at work and supporting homeowners and professionals in their ornamental plant and landscape needs. She is passionate about igniting curiosity for the natural world, supporting the urban forest and enlisting co-creators of more livable cities.

Webinar Overview: Fall is tree planting season, it’s time to get ready by reviewing the best practices of tree planting. The International Society of Arboriculture has produced Best Management Practice (BMP)Booklets on numerous topics to guide arborists. This talk will follow the BMP on tree planting adding adjustments and tips for our state and plant material. Picking the right tree and planting it well helps ensure the biggest investment in the landscape will grow into the beautiful and long-lived center of the landscape we desire. Join ISA Certified Arborist Rebecca Senior as we dig deep into the best practices and learn the answer to the question -- Where is the top of the rootball?
Zoom Link:
Please log in up to 10 minutes prior to the webinar
Cost: Free 
Registration: Not required

Frances McClelland Vision Awards Ceremony

The Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth, and Families invites you to join us virtually on Friday, October 15, 2021, from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM as we recognize this year’s inspirational award winners at our annual Frances McClelland Vision Award Ceremony.

These community leaders represent the strength, dedication, perseverance, and passion of Frances McClelland. We are also excited to announce that FMI will be continuing with our new award category to honor the late Richard Elías. We will be honoring an individual who works with the Southern Arizona community to build resilience, work for justice, and honor the beauty and heritage for our community and for its members.

We have an incredible lineup of community practitioners, partners, and leaders who will be recognized for their contributions to the well-being of children, youth, and families in Arizona.

We also invite you to a post-award reception with this year’s award winners after the award ceremony. We hope you can join us for what is sure to be an inspiring evening.

To register for this year's event please click here
For more information:

Thank you to our partners at Child & Family Resources, Inc. (
and Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona ( for co-sponsoring this year’s 2021 Frances McClelland Vision Award Ceremony.

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