August 27, 2019
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  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. New Director in La Paz County
  3. Extension Conference Summary & Resources
  4. Pesticide Applicator Certification Training and Exam
  5. Arizona Pecan Grower's Conference
  6. Educational Communication - Cooperative Extension YouTube Channel

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director  

Edgar Schein, a former professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, is a notable expert in the field of organizational structure, management, and culture.  He teaches that culture has three layers:

    1)   The artifacts of a culture — our symbols and signs;
    2)   The espoused values — the things we say we believe; and, 
    3)   Most important, the underlying assumptions — the way things really are.  


In reviewing an organization, if it is found that there is a disconnect between the espoused values and the underlying assumptions, this leads to a dysfunctional organization.  If an organization suffers from this type of disconnect, it creates a background of hypocrisy and a difficult environment to encourage trust among the members.

In review of the Cooperative Extension System (CES) in Arizona, I believe we have a good foundation of balance and symmetry between our espoused values and the way things really are.  We need this symmetry and we all have a collective responsibility to ensure we are consistent with what we say about the CES and what we do.

New Director in La Paz County

Thank you to Barry Tickes for his five years of service as the Extension Director of La Paz County.  Barry's responsibilities included local and state outreach, and his principal programs  involved weed control in field and specialty crops in southwestern Arizona. 

Barry's hard work as a CED is appreciated by all that he served in Yuma & La Paz Counties, as well as personnel throughout Arizona Cooperative Extension. Barry will continue as an Area Agent in Yuma and La Paz Counties.

Adonis (Don) Alamban will take over as the new County Extension Director of La Paz County.  Don has worked for Arizona Cooperative Extension as an Assistant in Extension in the FRTEP & Master Gardener programs, served as a member of the Intra-Extension Advisory Council (IEAC), and is a graduate of Project CENTRL.

Thank you, Don, for stepping up to the challenge as La Paz County Extension Director.

2019 Arizona Cooperative Extension Conference Summary and Resources

Thank you to everyone for taking the 2019 Conference Survey!  You've provided us with some very rich feedback and we're excited to incorporate it into planning for next year's event.  One frequently-requested item was a summary and a link to find conference resources.  We're delighted to announce you can find all available resources here!

Training and Exam - Pesticide Applicator's Certification

The Maricopa County Cooperative Extension and the Arizona Department of Agriculture will provide a FREE 3-session Pre-Certification Training and Exam Event for people who would like to acquire a Private or Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s Certification for agricultural operations.


Pre-Certification Training, Part 1 
September 25th 
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.            

Pre-Certification Training, Part 2                     
October 2nd 
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.         

Certification Exam Event
October 9th
9:00 a.m. – noon               

Class attendance is limited to 25 people and pre-registration is required. Please see the attached 2-page informational flyer, which contains a fillable registration form.

Arizona Pecan Grower's Conference

The Arizona Pecan Grower’s Association will be having its 24th Annual Arizona Pecan Grower’s Conference.

When: September 5 – 6, 2019.

Where: Tohono O'odham Nation Desert Diamond Casino & Resort, Tucson, AZ.


Cost: $50 for Non-Producer

3.0 CEU Credits for AZDA and NMDA applicator permits.

September 5th kicks off the event with a social and networking night starting at 5:30 p.m. with cash bar and food buffet.

September 6th is the educational day from 8:30 – 3 p.m.

The educational agenda will cover topics on the pecan market (national and international), cultural pecan management, pecan diseases and pests, technology, and mineral nutrition.

University of Arizona guest speakers include Drs. Paul  Brown, Alex Hu, Bill McCloskey, Jim Walworth, and Willem van Leeuwen. Arizona Department of Agriculture John Caravetta.

Out of State guest speakers include Dr. L.J. Grauke (USDA ARS), Alex Ott (APC), Dr. Mike Smith (OSU Emeritus), Dr. Charles Rohla (Noble Research Institute), and Phillip Arnold (NMPGA).

Educational Communication: Cooperative Extension YouTube Channel 

In the "digital age" - with the quest for information, but shorter attention spans - educational organizations are communicating more and more via social media, websites, and using digital communications, like Zoom.

Arizona Cooperative Extension is working to be at the forefront of this trend, in communicating with short, to-the-point videos.

Check out Cooperative Extension's YouTube Channel:

Please make sure you're helping us advance the Cooperative Extension message.  Please like, share and link through your social media channels, and help us do all we can to share with all stakeholders and communities.

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