Dear Valued Member,
The pandemic showed us how to rally together like never before in our industry and I’m sure we will go from strength to strength in 2022, having proved, beyond any reasonable doubt, how resilient the ATM industry is. I salute this strong industry.  

Thanks to your support throughout 2021, ATMIA is now in a position to hire a European Content and Advocacy Manager. We are looking for a strong, but diplomatic, person, highly skilled in verbal and written communication, to take our European chapter to the next level, especially in the area of advocacy and communication of industry content. It’ll be a brand new post which will be all about addressing industry issues, while providing vital intelligence to our members in the region.

It’s sad and tragic that a war has recently broken out on the continent; but now, more than ever, we must keep the wheels of business, trade, economic production and the cash cycle turning. This includes our industry, which plays such a vital role in the day-to-day lives of citizens across the world. ATMs and cash help to keep economies ticking. May peace prevail as its time comes.

In just over 200 days, we will meet together again in Berlin for ATMIA’s Europe 2022 ATM & Payments Innovation Summit. This in-person conference in Germany takes place on 19 - 20 October. Celebrating our 25th anniversary of service this year, ATMIA remains deeply committed to Europe. If you wish to speak at this event, please let me know.

Meanwhile, let’s do all we can to keep a level playing field for all our members.
Looking ahead, the architectural blueprint for the future of ATM technology has been agreed upon globally. We have standard APIs for a new API App Model for ATMs. Our industry’s future-proofing over the past few years has been second to none and I haven’t seen many big industries like ours progress so far down the path of reinvention. We are in a GOOD SPACE.  Expect more and more innovation: it’s coming on the wings of our Next Gen ATM template. 
The industry’s first global intelligence system for combating ATM crime and fraud has been unleashed, too. I’m talking about the ATM Security Association’s Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS), with over 7,000 global incidents recorded so far. Going beyond reports on national and regional trends, we now have the opportunity to use a powerful worldwide database for a much truer global picture of crime and fraud threats. In addition, the CCMIS provides free access to bona fide law enforcement officers, to enable law enforcement and the industry to work together on combating, at an international level, the real global migration patterns of crime and fraud.

At ATMIA, we have lots of hope for the years that lie ahead.  Together, always together, we can achieve so much more than what we can do when divided. It’s time to stay united  behind the only international trade association serving all segments of the industry on our level playing-field.

Warmest regards,

Mike Lee
P: +27-21-9750752; C: +27 (0)729561351

Member of the Month
March and April 2022  - Prosegur

Globally, Prosegur is a leader in the private security sector through Integrated Solutions. Prosegur is a global security services provider and meets the needs of its customers in that area, providing integrated solutions and expert analysis, design, planning, operating and maintenance services.

Our services cover different spheres of security: Manned Guarding, Cash in Transit & Cash Management, Technology and Residential Security.

Prosegur currently employs more than 150,000 people in the world, between Europe (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain) and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay). In Asia, Prosegur operates in China, India (via a Joint Venture with SIS, one of the leading security groups in Asia) and Singapore. In Oceania, Prosegur operates in Australia.

They have been loyal members and sponsors since 2009.

Link here.  

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ATMIA is hiring a European Content & Advocacy Manager, join the team!

Company: ATM Industry Association

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Is the ATM Industry Ready? You Tell Us

Company: ATM Industry Association

ATMIA has published a well-received position paper supporting the roll-out of Universal Cash Deposit functionality at ATMs.

Now, ATMIA would like to test the readiness of the industry to embrace the concept of Universal Cash Deposits, while identifying any perceived roadblocks or concerns we can later address.

Please take 5 minutes to help us gauge the readiness of the industry. All responses will be kept confidential. For completing the survey, you will be entered to win one of two prizes! A free year of membership or a free conference pass to a 2022 ATMIA conference of your choice will be awarded once we receive 50+ survey responses!

*Survey closes March 31, 2022

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ATM Industry Association Announces New Membership Designed Specifically for Financial Institutions

ATMIA announced today the release of a new membership level designed specifically for small- and mid-size financial institutions.  It includes a package of benefits of particular value to FIs with less than $100 billion in assets.  More than 50 of the world’s largest banks, and 9 out of the top 10 in the U.S., are already active members of ATMIA, a financial industry trade association that provides its members with ATM industry best practices, education, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

An ATMIA Financial Institution level membership will provide benefits that your ATM team uses every day.  Plug into the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, an initiative that will lower the cost of operating ATMs while adding functionality.  A subscription to a newly launched ATM crime database, through the ATM Security Association, is also included.  Train new staff on ATM operational procedures using the ATMIA Academy – two courses annually are included with your membership.

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ATM Security Association Launches World’s First Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System for the ATM Industry

The ATM Security Association (ASA) is proud to announce the launch of its new global Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS).

The world’s first global crime intelligence database for the ATM industry, CCMIS is a centralized, searchable database of ATM incidents that will help every stakeholder in the industry from ATM deployers to security specialists and manufacturers understand current crime trends, methods of attack, crime migration patterns and emerging forms of attack. The database allows members to report an incident, search by location and type, and to pull reports, graphs and stats.

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News From ATMIA Members Worldwide 

CaixaBank makes quantum computing breakthrough

CaixaBank has joined forces with vendor D-Wave Systems to apply quantum computing in investment portfolio hedging calculation in the insurance sector.

In a proof-of-concept, the Spanish bank's life insurance and pensions company, VidaCaixa, used D-Wave’s Leap quantum cloud service and quantum hybrid solvers to build an application within their investment portfolio selection and allocation, and within their portfolio hedging efforts.

Using D-Wave’s quantum hybrid solver services enabled the bank to code a faster algorithm, which markedly reduces the computing time necessary to improve the investment portfolio hedging.

What normally took the bank several hours of compute time was reduced to just minutes, which, says CaixaBank, meant increased modelling complexity, allowing for a more dynamic model that is better adapted to real-time markets.

The bank is now evaluating putting the application into regular production not only in VidaCaixa but in other areas in the organisation, over the coming months.

“We have always been an innovation-first organization, and very early on we recognized that investing in quantum computing could help us more efficiently provide state-of-the art products and services in order to offer the best client experience," says Gonzalo Gortazar, CEO, CaixaBank.

Read full article. 
Tesco Bank brings biometric onboarding to new Pay+ shopping app

Tesco Bank is using biometric authentication technology from Onfido to speed up onboarding for its Clubcard Pay+ account, through which users can ring-fence their grocery spend from any existing bank account.

Launched in January, Tesco Clubcard Pay+ enables members to pay with their Clubcard and pick up extra loyalty points wherever they shop. Clubcard Pay+ also gives shoppers the power to save while they shop by rounding up their purchases to the nearest pound, saving the difference into a Round Up account.

Tesco says the partnership with Onfido streamlines the process for customer onboarding. Rather than filling out postal applications, customers can apply directly through the Tesco Bank mobile banking app using a photo of a government-issued identity document (ID) and a selfie. Onfido first checks that the ID is genuine and then matches it with the user’s face. Additional features, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Autofill, extracts data from the ID to prefill the application form to streamline the account opening process further.

“The world of banking and e-commerce has changed significantly in recent years and customers are increasingly looking for integrated, seamless experiences,” says Sigga Sigurdardottir, chief customer officer at Tesco Bank. “By partnering with Onfido, we’re building on our reputation as a trusted high street bank with the addition of innovative technology that gives customers the best digital experience possible.”

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On demand training designed to fit your schedule!

ATMIA Academy offers ongoing, certified ATM operator education and training that conforms to industry best practices.

Courses are designed for ATM operators/owners doing business in regional, national and global markets. Content draws on the collective knowledge of ATMIA members, and is based on extensive research into the operating practices and procedures of ATM businesses worldwide.

There are five courses comprising complete ATM Operator responsibilities with several short, interactive and highly informative sessions. A click and learn-at-your-own-pace approach provides flexibility to control progress through each session on your own schedule and terms.350*10

* ATM Balancing Clerk
* ATM Custodian
* ATM Field Controller
* ATM Operations Manager
* Customer Service Representative

ATM Security Association


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GET INVOLVED - GET NOTICED: Become a Next Gen Champion!

Now, it’s time to become Next Gen Champions as we move forward powerfully as an industry to implement the global project. We will need to fund the upcoming PR campaign, the development of standards and the creation of an ATMIA self-certification tool, among other steps.

ATMIA has been a leader in the ATM industry for over 20 years and this is the greatest project our association has ever facilitated. Over 250 companies worldwide are now participating.

We appreciate the industry's commitment so far.  Now is the time for your company to step up and show your support   We are continually presenting our work to the world through industry communications, social media, various print and internet publications, press releases, and other news media. 

Today, we invite your company to become an official ATM Next Gen Champion.  Your company will not only be supporting the future of the ATM industry but be noted as one of those leading the way!  

For questions or get signed up contact Dana Benson.
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