JANUARY 12, 2017
Georgia exchange enrollment edges up as trend moderates
Georgia Health News
Close to a half-million Georgians have been enrolled for coverage for the 2017 health insurance exchange through Dec. 31. | READ MORE
[Speaker] Ryan: Lawmakers will act this year on replacing health law
The Sacramento Bee
Lawmakers will act this year on bills not simply repealing President Barack Obama's health care law but replacing it as well, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday. | READ MORE
ACA, under the gun, still fares well in polls [in U.S., Georgia]
Georgia Health News
Two recent polls on the Affordable Care Act and its provisions show there’s considerable support for at least parts of the 2010 health care law. | READ MORE
Georgia GOP to prioritize health care, avoid religious exemptions
State Republican leaders indicated Thursday they are not prioritizing religious exemption bills that have headlined legislative sessions in years past. | READ MORE
[Gov.] Deal speech targets health services for the vulnerable
Georgia Health News
Gov. Nathan Deal, in his annual State of the State address Wednesday, outlined several health care initiatives to boost mental health services, DFCS, Medicaid and autism coverage.
Medscape ‘Lifestyle Report 2017: Race and Ethnicity, Bias and Burnout’
The recent Medscape Physician Lifestyle Survey asked physicians to identify their race and/or ethnicity in order to explore associations with patient care, behavior, and levels of happiness. | READ MORE
1,300 on [Georgia’s] list to get medical marijuana
Georgia Health News
More than 1,300 people have been registered as medical cannabis patients in Georgia, state officials said Tuesday. | READ MORE
Flu-like illness in Georgia and the Augusta area is on the rise
The Augusta Chronicle
Flu-like illness in Georgia and the Augusta area is on the rise but whether it is the actual flu or some other virus is debatable, doctors said. | READ MORE
Era of [President-elect] Trump could have big impact at CDC…and in Georgia
Georgia Health News
The upcoming presidential change in Washington – not surprisingly – has brought an atmosphere of uncertainty to the Atlanta-based CDC. | READ MORE
Medicare failed to recover up to $125 million in overpayments, records show
Kaiser Health News
Six years ago, federal health officials were confident they could save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually by auditing private Medicare Advantage insurance plans that allegedly overcharged the government for medical services. | READ MORE
EHR may help customize medical treatments
Chances are your doctor has stopped taking notes with pen and paper and moved to computer records. That is supposed to help coordinate your care. | READ MORE
Studies find worrying over- and underuse of medicine worldwide
Up to 70 percent of hysterectomies in the United States, a quarter of knee replacements in Spain and more than half the antibiotics prescribed in China are inappropriate, overused health care, researchers said on Monday. | READ MORE
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