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Hello colleagues! We're a little stunned that we’ve arrived already at the end of Week 2, and we're so honored to be in the middle of this good, hard work with all of you. 

We're wondering where all of you are in your own experience of this pandemic, and of your constantly evolving workload. In addition to the losses you may be experiencing in your personal lives, we want to acknowledge the fact that we are continually confronting the loss of some of our favorite parts of our pedagogy: extended field trips, live studio critiques, face-to-to face advising with students. We want to remind us all that it won’t be forever, and we also want to remind you that you get to tell multiple stories about what is happening to all of us. We know you all are projecting stability and strength for your students, who need your steady counsel now more than ever. You also get to be gentle with yourselves on the back end. You get to fall apart a little bit, especially as the weeks pile up. All of us have the opportunity to learn how to lean on each other better, and more mindfully--this is a relay race, not a sprint. The Keep Teaching Team is doing everything we can to respond to your requests for help, given our own limited resources. But even if we can’t meet a particular need in the short term, it’s still important for us to hear your requests, as we, collectively, advocate for the resources that are vital to sustaining meaningful, engaged pedagogy in this chaotic time. So keep your questions, suggestions, and requests coming. They matter. You matter. 

Elizabeth Williamson
JuliA Metzker

Upcoming Events

The Learning and Teaching Commons will offer continuous support to faculty and instructional staff.
Experiential Learning at the Kitchen Table: Assignments in the Time of COVID-19 
(Commons Conversation)

Facilitated by Julia Metzker
Friday, April 10, 2020 | 12 - 1 pm 

Pedagogy Pop-Up Office Hours
Facilitated by Joli Sandoz (Learning and Teaching Commons Faculty Scholar)
Follow the above link for details on dates and times

Keep Teaching Drop-In Consultations
Facilitated by members of the Keep Teaching Coordinating Team

Friday, April 10, 2020 | 2 - 3:30 pm

Individual and Small Group Consultations
Facilitated by Julia Metzker
Please email The Learning and Teaching Commons with requests for individual and affinity group consultations.

Remote Teaching Assistants

Many of our student workers are unable to work in thier positions because thier previously assigned work is not possible under the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. This added wieght of income insecurity adds a great deal of stress to our student workers, who are already facing challenging times. Do you have work for a student teaching assistant in your program or course? If you have not already done so, please consider filling out a request for a student teaching assistant. Remote teaching assistants will be trained in zoom and canvas, and we will work to match students with faculty based on desired work and skills. 

Resources for Students

Tutoring Services
The Writing Center and the Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center will be offering remote tutoring sessions. Visit the links above for more information.
Preparing for Remote Learning 
Please direct your students to the Preparing for Remote Learning webpage for a robust selection of resources for remote learning, including wellness and study habit tips, and workshop opportunities.     . 

Keep Teaching Canvas Course

We encourage all faculty and instructional staff who have not already enrolled in the Keep Teaching Canvas Course to enroll. The Canvas course offers a robust selection of remote teaching resources, curated by the Keep Teaching Coordinating Team and Evergreen Faculty and Staff.
Best Practices for Videoconferencing and Security: Equity and Security
Take a moment to review this new resource in the Keep Teaching Canvas course. 
For more advice, consult the Inclusive Teaching Online Resource Guide. In particular, D. Stanford’s article includes a handy grid mapping low bandwidth teaching tools and  J. Quinn’s guide to Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Online provides some useful strategies.
Important Campus Announcements
It’s been a busy few weeks with an overwhelming amount of communication. We’ve cataloged the communications relevant to teaching and learning on the Important updates, policies and recommendations module


Seminar by Zoom can be a challenge.  Collaborative web annotation can help build a seminar-style experience online.  Collaborative web annotation combines synchronous and asynchronous reading strategies that supplement both social videoconferencing and solitary reading, and can create a bridge between them.  Here at Evergreen, in the past year and a half several programs have used Hypothesis, a web annotation tool that was recently integrated with Canvas.  Contact Paul McMillin (mcmillip@evergreen.edu) for more information on how you could put collaborative web annotation to use in your programs during the covid-19 era.

Faculty Slack Channel

By now you should have all received an email invitation to join the faculty slack channel. We encourage you to do so. The slack channel offers faculty a robust option for real time communication with each other, the Learning and Teaching Commons, and Academic Technologies. If you are having trouble finding that email, please submit a help ticket at help.evergreen.edu.  
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