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Weekly Coach Newsletter - September 15, 2020
Weekly Coach Newsletter - September 15, 2020

Dear Coach,

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Read our Online Tournament Guide 

We're excited to share our guide to online tournaments from the key people who brought you the 2020 online National Tournament! Build on the experience of our team of staff and volunteers as you develop your own plans. The guide includes: 
  • Tips for choosing your platform and making a schedule
  • Guide to offering and staffing an equity office
  • Ideas for livestreaming your finals or awards
  • Overview of tab staff duties and training
  • Policies for dealing with judge tech issues
  • Considerations for certificates or awards
  • Instructions for setting up asynchronous judging in
  • Advice for protecting participant security 
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New Student Expert Series 

In this new series, our student experts share their practice tips, in-round strategies, and more. Member students can learn from the best to become their best! What do you think of this new series? Weigh in at the bottom of the page to let us know what you'd like to see next! 

Recruitment Video Contest

Does your team make a promotional video to bring in new members? We'd love to see it! Submit your original videos for our recruitment video contest by emailing a link to the video to Check out our video for inspiration! 

Claim National Tournament Awards by September 30! 

The deadline for claiming awards earned at the 2020 National Tournament is September 30, 2020. Complete this online form to denote where items should be shipped. As a reminder, partners should fill out their own form to request their own awards. Awards not claimed by September 30, 2020 will need to be purchased from our custom trophy shop at full retail cost plus shipping.

Your Online Tournament Solution 

NSDA Campus is a new online platform offering tournament hosting space at a low cost. Plus, a practice space is included with your NSDA school membership!If you're tentatively planning to use NSDA Campus, give us a heads up here so we can gauge interest—no strings attached!
We've already run many successful tournaments on NSDA Campus without a hitch, but there are of course growing pains as we very rapidly scale up. When issues have cropped up, we've identified and corrected them, and our backup plans have always worked. We can't guarantee a 100% error free experience for every attendee, but the platform is getting better and more robust every day. 

Ways to Contribute

In case you missed last week's email, we're looking for temporary contractors and volunteers to get involved with several projects!

Recruitment Tip 

If allowed by your school, a team Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok could be a great way to communicate, provide live results, and bring in new members. Use the set of graphics below in your posts and pick up some relevant tips for your team’s social media from our National Speech and Debate Education Day social media kit. Download the graphics directly from the Utilize Social Media section of our online recruitment guide.
Join the speech team! Join the speech & debate team! Join the debate team!

The Road to Premier Distinction

When students join the NSDA, they embark down the road to Premier Distinction, the highest degree level in our Honor Society. Earning points through competition and service can provide motivation for students to keep building their skills in the face of obstacles. Plus, earning points also determines eligibility for special NSDA awards. Download a free Road to Premier Distinction poster or learn time-saving tips for points entry to start the year off right!
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