This academic year, RTSWS is offering its programming in a total of 52 high schools across 27 cities... and we've added our first inernational city - Vancouver, Canada to our family!  
More girls will now have access to a financial education, real life role models of women in STEM and personalized academic/ college/ career counseling.

These students will now get to see women in finance coming through their doors (or on Zoom) this year to teach financial and investment education. We are just getting our cohorts started and here's what one of our volunteers had to say about her RTSWS students...
"I personally truly enjoyed connecting with the girls, sharing my own experiences with them and “lessons learned” as a woman in Finance. A lot of them were really interested in connecting with me as their Vanderbilt contact (since their college chapter is coming up!), and I told them that I am happy to help in any way I can. I am excited to help and be a part of this great cause. As Vanderbilt’s diversity officer, representing 110 people in Central Finance at Vanderbilt, I find your project near and dear to my heart, and I am happy to contribute to your efforts of getting more girls/women into Finance."

- Ausra Speer, Assistant Treasurer, VU Treasury
Want to learn more about how your firm can sponsor an RTSWS chapter in your city?
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In the upcoming weeks and months, you will start to notice more images of our "Student Stories" on our Instagram account and on our website. We have been talking with RTSWS alumnae and they have been sharing how the RTSWS program impacted their lives. We will be featuring alumnae who are still in high school, in college and post college. 

It's because of your support that we are able to have such a profund and lasting impact. We hope you share in the pride we all feel when we read these stories, too. 


Walker Warren Career Center / Sponsored by PwC
We LOVE seeing our volunteers and students in action, and Walker Warren Career Center has been sharing lots with us! They posted pictures of their first class on social media, uploaded a recruitment video and even included us in their newsletter
We encourage all of our schools to do the same! Tag us on social media, or email any pictures, videos, etc to and we will be happy to share!

Launched earlier this year, the Scholarship/Internship/Job web page is one of the most visited on our website. No wonder why! We are matching ambitious students from all over the country with financial firms that want to get to know them better by offering scholarships, internships and job opportunities. 

• 25 active scholarship/internship/job opportunities listed

• 34 firms registered 

• 206 students/alumnae registered 


Be sure to keep your eyes this semester on our Instagram account as RTSWS Student CEO's will be taking over!

See what a day in the life of a RTSWS student and her cohort looks like!  


Undiversified: The Big Gender Short in Investment Management

"In Undiversified, experienced practitioners Ellen Carr and Katrina Dudley (a RTSWS volunteer in Short Hills, NJ)examine the lack of women in investment management and propose solutions to improve the imbalance. They explore the barriers that subtly but effectively discourage women from entering and staying in the industry at each point in the pipeline. 
At the entry level, the lack of visible role models discourages students from considering the field, and those who do embark on an investment management career face many obstacles to retention and promotion. Carr and Dudley highlight the importance of informal knowledge about how to navigate career tracks, without which women are left at a disadvantage in an industry that lionizes confidence. They showcase a diverse constellation of successful female portfolio managers to demystify the profession."
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