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As 2020 draws to a close, we tend to reflect on what’s in the rear-view mirror, but also on what is planned for the months to come. It was tough year for the whole world, with a convergence of the public health crisis with intense economic pressures. The ATM and cash industries fought hard to navigate through the storm. We continue to pay tribute to the frontline staff who provide cash access and other ATM services to millions during enforced lockdowns. While cash withdrawal transaction volumes went down during the crisis, as did consumer spending, overall cash in circulation tended to increase, highlighting the roles of cash as a store of value and as a household budgeting tool for citizens.
Nor is cash any more of a vector for viral transmission than any physical surface. Normal precautions apply. Nevertheless, the ATM industry, sensitive to a message that consumers are more hygiene-conscious than ever before, signed off a global ATM hygiene best practice protocol to provide an additional level of comfort for use of ATMs during, and after, the pandemic. 
Then highly effective vaccines began to appear from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca providing hope for a gradual, phased return to normality in 2021.
And the ATM industry is ready for this future, having brought the four year Next Gen ATM project, involving over 400 participating companies in 55 countries, to fruition with the launch in mid-November of the online self-certification system to certify Next Gen ATM readiness and compliance to the global blueprint for an interoperable, vendor-agnostic API App model for ATMs.
In addition to delivering the Next Gen ATM ecosystem in the year of covid-19, turning a dark year into a year of reinvention, ATMIA listened hard to members following our survey at the peak of the pandemic and developed an advocacy plan for a post-pandemic ATM and cash revival. We – you and us – are ready and future-proofed for 2021 and the rest of the decade.
That’s something to be proud of and grateful for. Let’s hit the ground running in 2021. Meanwhile, please finish the year strongly and safely. We deeply appreciate your support for ATMIA. 
Warmest regards,

Mike Lee
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Member of the Month
Our Member of the Month for November is-
At CR2, they encourage you to revolutionise the way you think and interact with your customers in an omnichannel banking environment
CR2’s BankWorld is an innovative suite of banking solutions which provides a complete view of each customer’s entire banking relationship. This allows for a powerful level of segmentation, tailored new product and service design, and the delivery of targeted offerings across all channels. BankWorld comprises of an omnichannel integrated platform that manages and personalises all self-service channels: ATM, Kiosk, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, POS, and Cards. The power of this platform helps you to gain centralised control over all channels and focus on business strategy. Manage, transact, design, personalise, sell and measure your activities all from our unique platform.

They are constantly innovating, releasing ready to roll out products and services that change the way the world banks. They think that you should no longer have to outsource control of your self-service channels to third parties. Instead they believe that you should take advantage of managing and designing your own self-service channels offerings and we give you the capability to do so. They help to re-engineer the self-service channels towards a revenue generating and cost effective way of servicing customers.
They have been loyal Global Board members since 2018.

Unique Attributes of Cash

Cash is so good…because it is inclusive.
Cash serves all walks of life, from the un-banked and under-banked to the middle class and wealthy, all races and all demographic groups. Not everyone in society has a credit card or a bank account. But EVERYONE is able to use cash for payments for life’s necessities. Cash is the most inclusive payment method yet invented. It excludes no one. There is no digital divide with cash. There is no social divide with cash. There is no racial divide with cash. There is no class divide with cash. There is no gender gap with cash. There is no elitism with cash. There is no generation gap with cash. Cash serves all social groups. Cash, in short, does not discriminate. It’s the most human and most equal of all payment methods.
In addition, cash is legal tender, produced by central monetary authorities, and so creates a level playing field for payments in society.    
Cash is so good…because it is INCLUSIVE.

Featured IAD Report


Launch of Next Gen ATM System Inaugurates Global Race to Reinvent ATMs

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) today launched the official global certification system for Next Gen ATMs, the culmination of a four-year long industry project to create a new API App model for ATMs, integrating ATMs and mobile phones in one seamless new ecosystem.

“I’m proud and delighted to announce that the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, made up of over 400 participating companies in 55 countries, working together since 2017, has created a brand new global architecture for app-based ATMs,” said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, Chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs and President of the ATM Security Association. “Now that the online certification system for the new architecture has gone live on the ATMIA Next Gen portal, companies from anywhere in the world can certify their ATM products and services as Next Gen ready and receive their association certification badge of approval.”

Read full article.

ATMIA Launches New Membership Level to Support the ATM Industry During Current Economic Downturn

ATMIA has announced a new STARTUP Membership Level that will provide ATM businesses with all the benefits of a Regional Associate Level membership for just $500 ‒ in order to provide cost-savings during this economic downturn.

“Typically, we only extend a special membership offer once a year,” said ATMIA Global Director, Finance & Member Services Sharon Lane. “But this is certainly not shaping up to be a ‘typical’ year and we wanted to do something special to provide extra support to members, just like we did during the financial crisis of 2008-2009.”

The best offer ATMIA has ever put forward, this limited time membership represents a 60 percent discount from regular prices and is $100 less than the Small Business Level membership, but with more benefits. Contact Erika Navarrete to join!

Next Gen ATMs

GET INVOLVED - GET NOTICED: Become a Next Gen Champion!

Today, we invite your company to become an official ATM Next Gen Champion.  Your company will not only be supporting the future of the ATM industry but be noted as one of those leading the way!  The details and benefits of the Champion package are at this link for you to consider. Our packages start at $1200 per year – that is only $100 per month.  If everyone contributes a little we can achieve a lot!

For questions or get signed up contact Dana Benson.

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News From ATMIA Members Worldwide 

Residential Rental Market are still pressured by a weak economy
The September release of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation data gave confirmation of ongoing residential rental market weakness, with the CPI for Residential Rentals seeing its year-on-year inflation rate slow further from 1.8% in the June CPI survey to a lowly 1.4%. This continues a slowing trend from a multi-year high of 5.7% back in 2017.
The ongoing slowdown in rental inflation is reflective of weakening rental market fundamentals that have been witnessed in various other rental market data such as TPN’s vacancy rate data showing a national increase in vacancies, and in its tenant payment performance data which has shown a multi year weakening.

Read full article. 
Genmega's UV-C light device that can kill bacteria, viruses on ATM keypads
Automated Teller Machines have been around for more than fifty years and are used by many everyday. And ATM manufacturer, Genmega, created a device using Ultraviolet light to clean dirty keypads that contain bacteria and viruses. It could potentially be helpful amid the novel coronavirus pandemic especially since it's the flu and holiday shopping season.

"People don't want to touch things that other people have touched in an ATM, is something that you generally have to touch as well as you're probably taking out cash," said Mary Wisniewski, banking editor at Bankrate.

Read full article. 

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Coronavirus and ATMs: Updates and Messages

ATMIA has created a webpage for fact-based messages about how the coronavirus pandemic affects us and our industry. ATMIA is here for you and for all ATMs throughout the world. You are constantly in our thoughts. Please stay safe.
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