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Academic Year 2022-2023 Dining
Hello Students!
Choice has long been a hallmark of GW’s dining program and we’ve heard from our community that it should remain so. As we begin a multi-year transformation of GW’s dining experience to focus more on a residential dining experience, flexibility and choice will continue to be at the heart of our program as food options are as varied as our identities, health and dietary needs, activities, and schedules.
Now, as the future of GW’s dining is nearing, the time has come for you to make a choice and select your meal plan if you will be living in one of GW’s residence halls next academic year.
But wait, what is all this talk about choice, affordability and flexibility? In case you have not heard, we announced last fall that we will be phasing out the grab-and-go style declining cash balance meal plans in favor of meal plans that offer an all-you-care to eat style of eating in dining spaces located within the residential halls to allow students to gather together as peers and classmates in an effort to build community under a shared passion - eating good food!
As some of you first-year students have experienced, this transformation started this year with a renovation of the dining space at Pelham Commons on the Mount Vernon Campus. In fall 2022, Thurston Hall will open and include a 225-seat dining hall and the current District House and Shenkman Hall eateries will be transformed into GW community only dining halls. Chick-fil-A will join Panera in the University Student Center in the fall.
As we implement GW’s re-imagined dining program, we will be introducing a meal swipe program for students, which is likely a new concept for many of our returning students. A meal swipe allows a student to enter a dining hall via a ‘swipe’ of their GWorld card and then once in the dining area eat as much as they want from a variety of offerings before departing. Under this all-you-care-to-eat meal plan students will experience a daily variety of healthy, convenient and most important affordable meal choices.

Next Year’s 2nd-Year Residents: Selecting Your Meal Plan

For fall 2022, second-year students (class of 2025) who will be living on-campus in a residence hall will participate in one of three meal plans. To help take the uncertainty about whether you will have enough money to eat from one meal to the next, all three plans offer unlimited meal swipes, which will enable you to enter any one of GW’s four dining halls (Foggy Bottom’s three new dining halls opening fall 2022, as well as the Eatery at Pelham Commons on the Mount Vernon Campus that opened in fall 2021) as often as you want during the semester. In addition, the plans provide either an extra $100, $250, or $500 in dining cash per semester to use at one of the on-campus or off-campus GWorld dining partners. Students can always add more dining cash later if they should choose.
**For reference, next year’s first-year students will choose from the same three unlimited meal plans.

Next Year’s 3rd- and 4th-Year Residents: Selecting Your Meal Plan

For fall 2022, students who will be third- and fourth-year students (classes of 2023 and 2024) and who will be living on-campus in a residence hall will choose from seven meal plans:
  • One of the above-mentioned three unlimited swipe meal plans
  • A ‘block’ of 120, 150, or 175 meal swipes, plus set amounts of dining cash per semester
  • A dining cash-only plan, that will be called the “Legacy Base.” This option is similar to the current plan for students living in residence hall rooms with kitchens who receive a set amount of dining cash to use at GWorld dining partners.
Under the new block meal plan, you choose a set number of meals you would like to eat in one of GW’s four dining halls during a semester. (ie: 120, 150, or 175). When deciding the number of meals to eat in the dining halls under a block plan, keep in mind that a semester is about 16 weeks; so a 120-meal block plan would provide one meal a day. The block options also provide for a corresponding amount of dining cash to use at one of the on-campus or off-campus GWorld dining partners. The block plus dining cash options will provide students who will be living with an in-room kitchen next year, with more flexibility, choice and options when you don’t want to prepare a meal in your own room.

GW’s New Dining Options are Intriguing: How & When Do I Select?

We are teaming up with the Campus Living & Residential Education team to make selecting your meal plan for next year easy. You will choose a meal plan as part of your housing application in your Campus Living eServices Portal. The housing process for next year begins in earnest this week! 
Learn More About Our New 2022-2023 Dining Plans
➡️ Take Note: If you are living in a residence hall next year, a meal plan is required; it is not an option. 
If you are having trouble thinking ahead to next year and wish you had more time to choose, the selection you make as part of your housing application does not have to be your final choice. After receiving your housing assignment, you will have until June 1 to adjust your meal plan selection so that we can prepare your student eBill for next academic year.
Also, in the meantime, if you want to experience what we will be offering in the dining halls on Foggy Bottom this all, we encourage you to visit Pelham Commons this semester and take in a  meal or two. You can use your dining cash to pay a flat fee of $8 for breakfast (Mon-Fri), $10 for lunch (Mon-Fri), $12 for dinner (daily), or $12 for weekend brunch.
Have questions about our re-imagined dining program? Check out our GW Dining site or reach out to us at
We look forward to sharing more information with you this spring and summer.
GW Dining Team
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