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2022-2023 Housing Process | Roommate Notification
Hi there,
Early last week, we notified you of your 2022-2023 housing assignment. In that email, we noted that if you had any vacant spaces in the suite, you should expect to receive a future roommate and that we would communicate if you received roommates. Today, we’re officially notifying you that you have a newly-assigned 2022-2023 roommate and/or roommates to fill some of those vacant spaces. These new roommates applied during the 4th-Years & Friends application process.
Your Newly-Assigned 2022-2023 Roommates
You may now view your newly-assigned 2022-2023 roommates in your Campus Living eServices Portal by selecting the “View Your 2022-2023 Housing Assignment and Dining Plan” link.
View Your 2022-2023 Roommates
If you have any more vacant bed spaces in your 2022-2023 room, expect that you will receive roommates at the end of the month as more of your peers apply for housing. We will notify you later in March if and when you receive a new roommate through the application process.
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