Get ahead of winter and schedule a fall assessment
Get ahead of winter and schedule a fall assessment

Time to Schedule Your Fall Assessment!

Are there a few 'to do's' on your list that have yet to be done?  Schedule a fall assessment and we can help you priortize your list! 
  • Water heater inspection
  • Checking kitchen and bath plumbing for loose, broken or worn fittings/pipes
  • Inspection of outdoor plumbing (showers, etc.)
  • Evaluating the performance of older appliances
  • Recommendations to make your home plumbing more efficient
Do you suspect you have polybutelyne pipes in your home? We offer an inspection for that too! Please contact us for more details and pricing.   
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The history of our water system

We've come a long way since the days of hemlock water pipes!  We took a brief look at where and how this technology began and jotted down a few fun facts in this month's blog.
Waterlogged Blog
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