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A Summer Style Tip!
A Summer Style Tip!
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Summer Style Tip
It’s summer time and we are wearing all different lengths of pants to stay cool and comfortable, but do you know what the best length is for you?!

To make sure your shorts, capris, crops, etc. are falling at the best hem length for you, they need to end at the center of the diamond opening of your legs. 
Find Your Diamond! 
Stand in front of your full-length mirror with your heels together and your feet pointed out at 10 & 2 o’clock.  You will see diamond shaped openings in your legs and right in the center of these openings is the best place for your hem length.  This is also for your dresses and skirts. If you don’t have the diamond openings in your legs, a Bermuda short or a skirt that ends right at the center, or just a little above, the knee is probably best or an ankle-length pant. I know some of you love your capris but if you’re not careful, they will end at the center of your calf which is not the most flattering look. 
The Most Flattering
Hem Line ... Ankle Length!
The two photos below show capris that would be much more flattering in ankle length OR just above or below the knee. 

Try a hem just at or below the knee for another great look!

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