Your weekly dose of PBS KIDS brought to you by Arizona Public Media
Your weekly dose of PBS KIDS brought to you by Arizona Public Media
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June and July are the Sonoran Desert's windiest months of the year. Harness that energy with some of these windy activities!
See the wind at work by making this Cat in the Hat pinwheel! Invite children to observe what happens when they blow on it, run with it, or put it in front of a fan (slow speed and high speed). They can also measure how fast the wind is blowing by counting the number of spins. Available in both English and Spanish.
Use wind power! The town of Bottawa loves using wind as power! Can you create a car that uses the air to move? Use the engineering design steps listed in this activity to create your own wind-powered car!
Activity: Wild Wind
Explore how wind flows around city structures and carries objects like leaves and trash in this hands-on outdoor activity from PLUM LANDING™.
How do you talk with your children about managing their feelings? This activity encourages children to find another way to deal with feelings like anger and frustration. Tip: The cookies taste better the more you pound on the dough!
Play the Scribbles & Ink game, watch videos, draw, paint, and do printable activities. Scribbles & Ink encourages kids to draw, paint, make art and express themselves. Related resource: How to Draw Feelings with Scribbles and Ink.
Creature Math helps children practice addition and subtraction as they create their very own animal habitat, filled with cool creature pals! While building homes and planting food items for animals like Spartacus the Moose and Torpedo the Peregrine Falcon. 
Put on your superhero suit and join us for the virtual screening of Hero Elementary: The Invisible Force, featuring an interactive science experiment led by DaNel Hogan from the STEMAZing project! Reserve your spot today.
Join us for a night filled with some of our favorite PBS Kids movies! Tune in to watch Dinosaur Train: Zeppelin Adventure, Xavier Riddle and the Secret Movie: I am Madam President, and D.W. and the Beastly Birthday. Be sure to check the programming guide in your Adventure Kit for more details!

Adventure Kit Activity: June Bingo Card

The June Bingo Card is your guide to PBS KIDS games, activities, and videos - with a few local Tucson highlights sprinkled in. Complete a row (or the whole card!) and share your progress in the AZPM Summer Adventure Club Facebook group for a chance to win a special prize! 
Click here for a digital Bingo Card with links to the activities! 

Adventure Kit Activity: Summer Reading List

We've teamed up with Bookmans to bring you an Arizona-themed Summer Adventure Club Reading List. Look for these titles when you visit!
Click here for a printable version.
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