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2022-2023 Housing Process | 4th-Years and Friends
Hi there,
Earlier this week, the 4th-Year and Friends selection period began for 2022-2023 on-campus housing. Today, we are reminding you that the deadline to apply ends on Tuesday, March 8 at 4 pm EST.Β If you have already applied, thank you for that.
For reference, read the email we sent you about the 4th-Year & Friends process here.
All actions to submit applications including accepting roommate group invitations and selecting your meal plan need to be completed in your Campus Living eServices Portal. If you invite 3rd- and 2nd-year friends to your roommate group, please ensure that they successfully accept their invitation and apply for 2022-2023 housing by the Tuesday deadline.
πŸ”œ Planning ahead is key! If you apply for housing just before the deadline and invite roommates at the last minute, it is very likely they will not have enough time to accept your roommate group invitation and complete their housing application in time.
Enter Your Campus Living eServices Portal
πŸ“† You have until Tuesday, March 8 at 4 pm EST, to complete your application for the 4th-Year& Friends period, and all invited roommates have until that deadline to complete their required actions.
Please Note: we will not accept late applications after the deadline, including from invited roommates.
Have a great day,
Campus Living & Residential EducationΒ 
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