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Happy International Women in Engineering Day! 

Women in Engineering: Explore Our Video Library! Celebrate women in engineering with us by watching our robust collection of educational videos. Watch NASA Astronaut and Engineer, Christina Koch, as she talks about life beyond our world. Be inspired by Gabriela A. Gonzalez, Deputy Director at Intel, as she speaks about motivating today’s young women in STEM. Listen to Stephanie Hill, currently the Executive Vice President of Rotary and Missions Systems at Lockheed Martin, talk about becoming an "accidental engineer". Hear from Kim Swennen, Software Engineer at Google, as she speaks about shattering STEM stereotypes. Get inspired by all of these amazing women in engineering and so many more with our X-STEM video library!
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Life Beyond our World 

NASA Astronaut and Engineer Christina H. Koch spoke with Justin Shaifer and NASA Systems Engineer Bobak Ferdowsi about Life Beyond our World.

Revelations During My Improbable Journey

As a teen growing up, this Deputy Director of the Intel Foundation and chair of the National Science Foundation’s STEM Education Panel, faced and overcame significant challenges of her own, giving her unique insights and fervor into motivating today’s young women in STEM.

Lessons from an Accidental Engineer

Stephanie Hill is a prominent engineer and executive at Lockheed Martin where she serves as the Executive Vice President of Rotary and Missions Systems. 

Shattering STEM Stereotypes

Google Software Engineer Kim Swennen spoke with Justin Shaifer and Biomedical Scientist and Social Entrepreneur Dr. Knatokie Ford about shattering STEM stereotypes.





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