FEBRUARY 28, 2019
[Gov.] Kemp’s health care ‘waiver’ bill passes Georgia Senate
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A bill to allow the governor to design “waivers” that may expand access to health insurance for poor and middle-class Georgians passed the state Senate on Tuesday. READ MORE
[Georgia] House panel endorses CON overhaul; senators mull compromise
Georgia Health News
The proposed revamp of state health care regulations cleared a key hurdle Monday when a House committee approved House Bill 198. | READ MORE
Lt. Gov. Duncan: This is the year to finally reform Certificate of Need
Georgia Health News
Perhaps the biggest health care battle of our lifetime exploded almost a decade ago when Congress rammed through Obamacare. As a result, patient choices have been limited while the cost of health care skyrocketed. | READ MORE
Surprise hospital bills under review (mentions MAG)
Statesboro Herald
The thorny problem of surprise medical billing has once again sparked competing remedies within the General Assembly. | READ MORE
Docs generate an average of $2.4 million a year per hospital 
Family physicians provide an excellent ROI, earning an average $241,000 as a starting salary but generating nine times that amount in hospital revenues. | READ MORE
Weeks after 2030 HIV pledge, report shows U.S. headway stalled
Associated Press
Three weeks after President Donald Trump announced a campaign to end the U.S. HIV epidemic by 2030, new government data show that progress against the disease stalled recently. | READ MORE
FDA head says the federal government may have to set vaccine policies if state laws continue to allow outbreaks
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said the federal government might someday regulate vaccine policies if “lax” state vaccine laws “force [its] hand” by allowing the resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles to continue. | READ MORE
New survey shows decline in physician burnout
AMA Wire
For the first time since 2011, the physician burnout rate has dropped below 50 percent among doctors in the U.S., according to a new triennial study. However, while the decrease in the physician burnout rate might suggest that health systems are on the right track, more work still needs to be done. | READ MORE
Double-booked surgeons: Study raises safety questions for high-risk patients
Surgeons are known for their busy schedules — so busy that they don’t just book surgeries back to back. Sometimes they’ll double-book, so one operation overlaps the next. A lead surgeon will perform the key elements, then move to the next room — leaving other, often junior, surgeons to finish up the first procedure. | READ MORE
[City of] Milton bans synthetic marijuana, opiates after teen incidents
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Milton is trying to stamp out all controversial synthetic alternatives to marijuana and opiates after seeing local teens become ill. | READ MORE
More doctors needed for opioid survey (quotes MAG Foundation's Lori Cassity Murphy)
The Newnan Times-Herald
A survey sent out to local doctors and dentists to get information on how they prescribe opioid pain medications has had a very low response rate, and the group working on guidelines for opioid prescribers needs more respondents. | READ MORE
Google will show opioid disposal sites in maps searches
Alphabet Inc.’s Google will show drug-disposal locations on its Maps program, an effort to help people get rid of unused opioids and prevent drug abuse. | READ MORE
Neurologist: Legalize THC oil for its 'significant benefits'
A prominent neurologist from metro Atlanta is doing everything he can to get THC oil legalized in Georgia. | READ MORE
[GSU] Researcher gets $3.86 million grant to develop universal flu vaccine with microneedle patch
GSU News Hub
Dr. Baozhong Wang, associate professor in Georgia State University’s Institute for Biomedical Sciences, has received a five-year, $3.86 million federal grant to develop a universal flu vaccine using a microneedle patch that will protect against any strain of the influenza virus. | READ MORE
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