Courage and creativity for an equitable future
Courage and creativity for an equitable future

Courage and creativity for an equitable future
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digital sketchnote for Designing Equitable Futures
Dear Friend,
I made this digital sketchnote for an online discussion, Designing Equitable Futures hosted by Possibility Project. It was a rich conversation about using design as a tool to re-imagine a future based on equity, as opposed to reinforcing a white-dominant perspective. I summarized some of the major insights that emerged:
• Designers' proximity to inequity
• Designing with, not for
• Empathy v. care

My own journey on this path is just beginning. I'm listening, researchingwriting, even animating. I do feel tentative to share my early learning efforts, but as my wise colleague Joyce Lee-Ibarra says, "I think there's a lot of value in modeling the vulnerability of not knowing something fully, but deciding it's important to explore and worth the commitment to learn more... it creates an entry point for others to become curious and question themselves."
In this email, I'm excited to share my efforts in supporting Changemakers as they imagine and create equitable futures

Until next time,
What is Social Identity?
What is social identity?
I drew a series of animations to accompany a script on anti-racism, for a series of structured conversations for a school district near Chicago.
The client wished for a final deliverable that was more exciting, accessible and engaging than a typical slideshow, since the content contains many complex and important ideas. The videos were given to individual small learning groups to play on the day of the training session.

Project Implicit - Impact Reduction Strategies

New design work: an infographic handout 

Project Implicit is an organization that advances scientific knowledge about sterotypes and prejudice. We designed and drew this handout for them about bias and impact reduction strategies.
The client's goal was to have a "party favor" for their education sessions, "something that people can take away and print as a reminder of what they learned or even post in their cubicle at work. I can also use it as a marketing item because it'll illustrate what we intend for people to take away from our sessions."
Julia Reich of Stone Soup Creative is a graphic recorder, visual designer and branding consultant

Some of the clients Julia's been working with lately include Project Implicit, SPARK Reproductive Justice Now, and Health Data Outpost.

Learn more about Julia and Stone Soup.

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