July 16, 2019
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. UA Campus Arboretum Video
  3. Congratulations, Dr. Jeremy Elliott-Engel
  4. Marketing Items
  5. Sports Field Turfgrass Management Field Day & Expo
  6. Western Coordinating Committee Extension Forestry Meeting
  7. Southwestern Grasslands Research & Management Workshop
  8. Arizona 4-H Clover Ball
  9. Training Repository Suggestion Box

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director  

 The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension System (CES) is oriented towards the basic mission of bringing the university to the people of the state and bringing science to bear on practical problems. The broad intention is to deliver on this mission to the entire state of Arizona and our challenge is to do so with the limited resources that we have to work with.

In the 2014-15 Civil Rights compliance review of 4-H programs in the CES, the review team clearly identified the fact that the representation of youth in our 4-H programs in Arizona does not necessarily reflect the composition of the broader community of youth across the state of Arizona.  That observation is consistent with our need to make a concerted effort  to broaden our reach in all program areas.  We must also be open to finding effective ways to track and measure our progress in this effort.

Despite the limitations in existing capacity, I believe we have made some significant progress in expanding the reach of our CES programs over the past four years.  I appreciate the commitment and diligent efforts that people in this organization are directing towards this need.

We recognize that we still have a lot of work to do, but we are making progress in providing educational opportunities for broader segments of the population of this state with the resources available.


University of Arizona Campus Arboretum Video

UA Campus Arboretum
The UA Campus Arboretum is home to a unique collection of plants from arid and semi-arid climates around the world.

Experts say the arboretum - a program under Arizona Cooperative Extension - provides an environment conducive to learning. The arboretum is also open to the community, thanks to tours for the public, given by certified Master Gardeners.

Congratulations, Dr. Jeremy Elliott-Engel

Dr. Jeremy Elliott-Engel selected for 2019-20 Academic Leadership Institute
Many apply - few are selected.

Our own 4-H Director, Dr. Jeremy Elliott-Engel is one of 27 employees selected to participate in the 2019-20 University of Arizona Academic Leadership Institute.

The cohort is selected through a competitive application process, which looks at leadership potential, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and interest in enhancing the whole of the University community. More than 100 applicants are evaluated each year by the ALI advisory board.

Need to Order Marketing Items? 

In February, the University of Arizona launched a new procedure for ordering marketing items.  
There's an easy captioned video, that explains the entire process.

And it's all on Cooperative Extension's employee intranet:  "Knowledgebase".

You'll also find flyer templates, how to order business cards, and other marketing resources.

(***Remember:  You'll need VPN access, and your net i.d. to log in***)

Sports Field Turfgrass Management Field Day & EXPO

Sign up now online to attend the Sports Field Turfgrass Management Field Day & EXPO on August 1 in Peoria. 

The annual Sports Field Turfgrass Management Field Day & EXPO will be hosted by the Arizona Sports Turf Managers Association, The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
Turfgrass Program, and the Peoria Sports Complex on Thursday, August 1 in Peoria.  The Field Day program is finalized and will feature presentations for “Game Day Prep” by Brian Johnson of ASU and Darren Criswell of UA.  More educational topics during the EXPO will feature pest management, spray nozzle technologies, alternatives to glyphosate, pesticide safety, irrigation audits, soil moisture and firmness, logo painting and field striping, baseball infield skins and mound and plate maintenance. The AZ Dept of Ag approved 1 hour CEU for the event. The EXPO will be the highlight of the day that will provide attendees time to view and visit with partnering allied turf vendors. 

The Field Day & EXPO supporters to date include: Athletic Applicators; 
Brandt; Farms Choice; Gowan; Hunter Industries; Pioneer Athletics; Profile Products; Steiger Services; Target Specialty; Toro - Simpson Norton;  West Coast Turf.

Visit theTurfgrass Research, Education, and Extension web page or view the announcement and register online for the cost free event.

LAST CALL! Western Coordinating Committee Extension Forestry Meeting

You are invited to participate at the Annual Western Coordinating Committee (WCC-1003) Extension Forestry Meeting in Payson, AZ, July 23-24, 2019. There are two main events at this meeting: 1) a public forest health symposium on July 23, and 2) the WCC & Partners meeting and fieldtrip on July 24. Please register for both! The executive board meeting is on the afternoon of July 22. See letter from Chair Darren McAvoy for more information, registration information, and some travel logistics info.   

Registration links:
WCC-1003 Extension Forestry Meeting
Forest Health Symposium

You can become part of WCC-1003 by joining the National Information Management and Support System (NIMSS):  Contact Michael.Harrington@colostate.edu.

For more information, contact Chris Jones

Southwestern Grasslands Research & Management Workshop

Save the Date!
Thursday, November 7th, 2019 (all day)

Environmental & Natural Resources 2 building at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Please participate in this important workshop to: 1) advance the success of grassland restoration, and 2) identify opportunities for collaboration to scale up grassland restoration in the Southwest. This workshop will result in increased communication among and between researchers and practitioners and provide a forum to identify high-priority research needs and methods for increasing the scope and scale of grassland restoration. Please forward this invitation to your colleagues.
A minimal registration fee will cover lunch and refreshments. Space will be limited

Arizona 4-H Clover Ball

Arizona 4-H is hosting the first ever Clover Ball - and you're invited.

The event is part of the inaugural week-long Arizona 4-H Summit - a career exploration experience on the University of Arizona campus, for 4-H teens.

Jeremy Elliott-Engel, State 4-H Program Leader, and Dr. Julie Adamcin, President, Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation invite you to join us to celebrate our deep roots and new growth. 

When:  5:30 p.m. July 25, 2019
Where:  Park Avenue Weddings, 242 S. Park Ave. Tucson, AZ 

 Purchase tickets here

Training Repository Suggestion Box
How would you like to have a one stop shop for all things training related?

A place where you could let others know of training and professional development opportunities you already know about that you think are useful

A place where you can request training that may not yet exist

A place where you can request existing training that you are not sure where to look for it

Look no more!  The Training and Development Task Force is pleased to announce the training repository suggestion box .  Your entries will be automatically emailed to the Training and Development Employee Engagement Task Force, Pam Denney, Hanh Do, and Karen Pizzuto, as well as the leaders of the employee engagement initiative, Heather Roberts-Wrenn and Dominic Rodriguez.

TMN Submittal Process

Please submit your news by 4:00pm Monday to TMN [tmn@cals.arizona.edu].

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