Weekly Coach Newsletter - November 12, 2019
Weekly Coach Newsletter - November 12, 2019

Dear Coach,

Check out the latest news from our community below!

Amplify Your Success with Free Tools 

Utilizing School Announcements » Spread the word about tournament results by submitting content to your school's daily announcements! Students love hearing their name, and they get a kick out of the positive attention they may gain from their peers and teachers. Send your typed results everywhere you can, and send them every time you compete! Or, tap a team captain to lead this effort. 
Press Release Templates » Publicize your team's success in your community! This can help attract new members to your team and build support from decision makers. Our press release templates can help you get started. 
Check out more tips like this in our Team Recruitment Strategies guide! 

Extemp Practice Questions

A new set of Extemp practice questions is now available! What does Baghdadi’s death mean for the future of ISIS? What steps should California take to grapple with the ongoing threat of wildfires? Download the new set and dive in! 

Sample World Schools Motions

Access new prepared and impromptu World Schools motions! Students can debate drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the politicization of social networks, and more. 

Pro Tip: Registering for Districts on Tabroom.com

If your district series will be hosted on Tabroom.com, you can view step-by-step instructions for how to register here. To check which tabulation software will be used, locate your tournament on this list once the dates have been entered. 

District Series Eligibility

Peak district tournament season is fast approaching—make sure your students are eligible to compete! Unlike other tournaments throughout the year, students may not compete in the tournament without being NSDA members with a Degree of Merit (at least 25 points in the Honor Society). Students who are currently eligible will have a check mark in that column on your team roster. 

Take the Course: Introduction to NSDA Coaching

Learn the ins and outs of coaching in our new Intro to NSDA Coaching course! This course is hosted on our new platform, NSDA Learn, where you can enroll in courses and complete them at your leisure. Intro to NSDA Coaching covers many of the basics of NSDA membership including events, rules, recognition, points, and more! 
All coaches who complete the course by the end of 2019 will receive one free student membership! Upon completion of the course, please email a copy of your certificate to Lauren McCool along with any feedback on the course, and we'll apply the credit to your account. Log in to your account and click Enroll Now to begin!  

Fundraise for Your Team with EdCo!

Need to bridge the gap between funding provided by your school and what you actually need for travel and tournaments? EdCo’s new supercharged platform uses powerful fundraising tools like the ability to reach donors via SMS while automatically tracking all of your efforts to measure effectiveness. EdCo makes it easy to double your money by prompting all donors to ask employers to match their donation. So what are you waiting for? Get started today
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