Time to commit
Time to commit
NorCal Rally May 2019 / Trinity Lake
Here's the 'official' plan...please update your calendar.

Generally speaking, you should show up on Thursday afternoon/evening to secure your tent spot and begin enjoying the weekend.

We will provide at least five 'day' rides for you to choose from. Separating into 'like' groups, we'll take off in different directions. stopping for lunch, on each day.

All groups will meet up for a 'group' dinner (otherwise, eat where you want)

Back to the campground before darkness sets in.

By 'like' groups, of course I mean one group will be the 'good' looking riders; another group will be the 'most' talented riders; yet another group might be the most 'expensive' riders and so forth. Yes, these of course are all mutually exclusive groups. You can't possibly be in all the groups, that's just now how we operate.

Up next, that moment where you put your $$$$ where your mouth is. Registration will be paid via PayPal via:


That'll run you $20 in US currency.

There's space for 32 riders, registration is based on 1st come/1st served. Also, the California Parks/Rec department will nail you for registering your motorcycle. More info on this to follow.

Of course, if you're renting a motel room, then you don't need to pay me anything (although CA will still nail you to ride in the park(s).)

I've arranged 'special' parking for those of you riding non-Tenere designations, too. 😎

It's only 80 days away

Stickers RE-Supply

Show your pride! Reflective stickers.  
Two sizes:
Small two for $4
Large one for $6
Includes postage, unless you live in some freaky place.    You should have one to 'tag' places you visit, like your local brewery bathroom or some cool spot on the way north to Alaska or Canada.   On on the back of your buddies KTM/BMW.  
You can PayPal me for easy service.  paypal.me/RDantzscher
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