Fall at RTSWS

RTSWS is in the midst of our fall financial and investment literacy workshops. This fall, RTSWS programs were in 62 high schools across 34 cities, including Vancouver and London!
1200+ students have had the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the finance industry about budgeting, college costs, financial aid, publically-traded companies and more! 
If you are just now tuning in, the RTSWS Student and Alumnae Newsletter is for all current and former RTSWS students. Whether you are still in high school, checking in from college or finding your way in the industry, RTSWS is here to support you in your personal finance and career journey!  
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Featured RTSWS Student Cohort 

Midtown High School (Atlanta, GA)

Sponsored by Invesco

Midtown High School is back for their 3rd year with RTSWS and the cohort has a consistent group of students engaging in financial planning projects in the RTSWS Gold Curriculum. In this particular curriculum, students research and compare two publically-traded companies and pitch to their "client," Janella, on which company they think is a better investment for her over the long-term and why.
This week, they had their 4th RTSWS fall session with the volunteers from Invesco. The students are looking forward to their upcoming field trip to Invesco next Wednesday, 11/9!

Continued: Meet the Student CEOs!

In the last several newsletters, we've been introducing you to the
2022-2023 Student CEOs. 
Here are two more!

Grace F.

Midtown High School
(Atlanta, GA)

Favorite Hobby: 

Dancing (Ballet)
Favorite Quote:
“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” - Confucius

Why should students at your school join RTSWS?
Students should join because our club has such a positive environment, where students can really learn about all things finance. For me, a lot of the information was completely new, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to hear and talk about it before going to college. These are the types of things we use in every day life, and it’s essential to get a head start.

Tenzin Y. 

Manhattan Village Academy
(New York, NY)

Dream Job:  
Become a business owner
Favorite Hobby:
Listening to Taylor Swift

What are you most looking forward to for RTSWS this year?

I am most excited about learning new things about finance and developing my resume.

Upcoming Events 
BLX - The Internship Program for Aspiring Black and Latinx Financial Planners

Careers in Financial Planning Webinar:
Getting Hired and Succeeding in the Financial Planning Profession

November 9th

Are you interested in landing your first job as a financial planner? Join Caleb Brown of New Planner Recruiting as he discusses career paths in this profession and what to expect early in your career. This webinar will cover:

• What firms consider desirable candidates for professional entry-level financial planning positions
• Approaches to connecting with hiring firms
• Tips for the interview process
• Succeeding as a financial planner early in your career and beyond
CLICK HERE to Register to Attend
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