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The next meeting of the County Board of Supervisors is scheduled for 
9 a.m. Tuesday, May 4, 2021 
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Board of Supervisors Meetings en Español
Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisor meetings are now available in Spanish.
El Condado de Santa Bárbara ha comenzado a ofrecer interpretación en español de las reuniones de la Junta de Supervisores.
The agenda is comprised of the Administrative consent calendar and Departmental policy items. The policy agenda for this meeting is outlined below.
Due to anticipated length of some agenda items, the Board may choose to reorder items for best use of time. Times indicated on the agenda are estimates. You may monitor the progress of each meeting via CSB TV Channel 20 or online at

D1) Update on the Coronavirus in Santa Barbara County

(Est. Time 1 HOUR)

Staff will provide the most recent information on the status of COVID-19 cases, the County's response and RISE business activity. 

Agenda Item & Attachments

D2) Retirement Waiver and Extra Help Services for the Behavioral Wellness Department

(Est. Time 5 MIN)

The Department of Behavioral Wellness is requesting to certify that the appointment of retired County employee, Kaylyn Thomas, Patients’ Rights Advocate, is necessary to fill a critically needed position before 180 days have passed from her date of retirement. The department anticipates that she will be needed as an Extra Help employee for approximately six to 12 months until a replacement may be identified and trained.

Agenda Item & Attachments

D3) Mission Canyon Sewer District  Service and Sewer Connection Charges for FY 2021-2022

(Est. Time 15 MIN)


Seeking authorization for the collection of County Service Area 12 (CSA 12) sewer service charges and connection charges on the tax roll in FY 2021-2022. CSA 12 provides for sewer collection in the Mission Canyon area. Wastewater is conveyed to the City of Santa Barbara for treatment pursuant to a Joint Powers Agreement. 
Agenda Item & Attachments

D4) Establish Benefit Assessments for Streetlighting Services Within Supervisorial Districts 2, 3, and 4

(Est. Time 15 MIN)


Establish the benefit assessments for streetlighting services in County Service Area 3 at $24 per residential parcel (factored for other development types), County Service Area 31 at $12.93 per residential parcel (factored for other development types), and to not establish (set to zero) the benefit assessment for zones in the Santa Barbara North County Lighting District that have benefit assessments. These amounts remain unchanged from last year.
Agenda Item & Attachments

D5) Presentation of the FY 2021-2022 Public Safety Realignment Act Plan

(Est. Time 45 MIN)


The Board will hear a presentation on the FY 2021-2022 Public Safety Realignment Act Plan developed by the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) and approved by the Executive Committee of the CCP.
Agenda Item & Attachments

D6) Appeal of the Planning Commission Approval of the Central Coast Agriculture, Inc., Cannabis Cultivation Project

(Est. Time 3 HOURS)


The Board will consider staff recommendations and hear from the applicant and appellant.
Agenda Item & Attachments
The items below are projected to be placed on an upcoming Board of Supervisors agenda and are subject to change. These are draft until the final agenda is created and posted 72 hours or more preceding a Board of Supervisors meeting. For information on a particular anticipated item, please contact the department noted. For any other questions regarding the Board of Supervisors’ agendas, contact the Clerk of the Board Office at (805) 568-2240.

May 2021
Meetings are broadcast live and rebroadcast on CSBTV 20 according to a schedule provided in each agenda. Videos of each meeting and other County programming are available on our YouTube channel "CSBTV20."
For information about obtaining a videotape of a public hearing or a schedule of CSBTV broadcasts, please call (805) 568-3427.

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