MARCH 7, 2019
Anthem/Blue Cross to some Georgia clients: Your contract is mistaken
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Last year, the insurance giant Anthem made a contract with its individual policyholders. They could keep going to their specialists, the contract said, without a referral from a primary care doctor. READ MORE
One-quarter of Georgia hospitals penalized over patient safety problems
Georgia Health News
One in four Georgia hospitals will be paid less by Medicare due to high rates of infections and patient injuries. | READ MORE
Alzheimer’s grows sharply in Georgia — and faster than national average
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The number of Georgians dying from Alzheimer’s disease is growing at a staggering pace, far exceeding the national average, according to a new study released Tuesday. | READ MORE
Case of tuberculosis confirmed at Gwinnett high school
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A case of tuberculosis has been confirmed at a Gwinnett County high school. | READ MORE
Skin-whitening creams with toxic chemical for sale in metro Atlanta (quotes MAG President Rutledge Forney, M.D.)
Skin-whitening creams are endorsed by celebrities and are a controversial beauty product. | READ MORE
Two men might be second and third to be cured of HIV
A second person has experienced sustained remission from HIV-1, according to a case study published Tuesday in the journal Nature. Some scientists believe that the "London patient" has been effectively cured of the viral infection, which affects close to 37 million people worldwide. | READ MORE
Expert panel addresses challenges to implementing CDC guideline on prescribing opioids
Clinical Pain Advisor
A panel of experts addressed several challenges associated with the implementation of the 2016 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain in a report published in Pain Medicine| READ MORE
FDA approves ketamine-like nasal spray for depression
The US Food and Drug Administration approved Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s esketamine on Tuesday for treatment-resistant depression; the drug is the chemical cousin of ketamine, the powerful anesthetic that has been used illegally as the club drug Special K. | READ MORE
Third potential carcinogen found in blood-pressure drugs
A third potential cancer-causing contaminant has been found in a widely used blood-pressure medicine, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. | READ MORE
Eli Lilly to introduce generic version of insulin drug Humalog that cuts price in half
USA Today
Eli Lilly and Co., which has come under fire for the high cost of its insulin, announced Monday it will introduce a version of one of its medicines to treat diabetes that will have a 50 percent lower list price. | READ MORE
New tech taking telemedicine to the next level
Medical Xpress
Telemedicine has gone way beyond conference calls: new technologies allow doctors to monitor blood pressure and other vital signs—take x-rays even—and assist with operations from miles away. | READ MORE
After decades of effort, African-American enrollment in medical school still lags
USA Today
After decades of effort to increase the ranks of African-American doctors, blacks remain an underrepresented minority in the nation's medical schools. | READ MORE
Even with measles outbreaks across the U.S., at least 20 states have proposed anti-vaccination bills
Across the country, counties are reporting measles cases: at least 206 in 11 states, per the latest count. | READ MORE
Medical students feeling burned out get a hotline for help
AMA Wire
A peer counseling phone line created by two fourth-year medical students demonstrates how a resource can be set up at low cost, in little time and adapt as needed.  | READ MORE
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