Experts in trauma-informed pedagogy tell us that one of the most important things we can do to support our students is to help them make meaning out of their difficult experiences. Frankly, all of us could probably benefit from a chance to slow down and think through what’s happening and what we’re learning about ourselves as a result. 

Bad news: It probably feels more or less impossible to find time for reflection right now, both for yourself and your students.

Good news: Reflection is already baked into our narrative evaluation process, and into the Academic Statement.

More good news: lisa sweet has provided an amazing PowerPoint introducing students to the function and rhythms of the Academic Statement and has generously encouraged us all to steal it (see her email “Support to faculty supporting Academic Statement”). 

At this point in this very hard quarter, you may not be in a position to provide your students with a workshop like the one lisa designed, but her slides can still be useful to students as they are writing, so do send them along if you are looking for resources to offer! And please consider providing feedback to your graduating seniors on their final statements during evaluation conferences.  

To remind you of what it looks like when students are making sense of their learning on their own terms, we end with an excerpt from an Academic Statement written by one of our remarkable undergraduates. Like many of our students who live in a rural communities, she has been doing her schoolwork wherever she can find reliable wifi--mostly at the local firehouse: 

“When you spend a lot of time at the fire station you pick up some language. There is a strategy called controlled burning: a prescribed fire to restore ecological health to certain environments, a tool to reduce the severity of future fires. Right now everything is on fire and while I can’t put it out by myself I can manage the burn. It is damage control, practice in resilience, a test of my ability to apply my academic interests to a very real scenario, and this fire doesn’t have to burn my degree to the ground.” 

In community,
JuliA Metzker
Elizabeth Williamson

Faculty To Do List

Fall 2020 Catalog Updates | Due Today

There are still a few programs who had not submitted their Fall 2020 catalog updates. Please complete the webform today so that your changes will be reflected in the catalog before the Academic Fair on May 27th. 

Evergreen Virtual Galleries Submissions | Due Today

Visual and media arts faculty, please encourage your students to submit a proposal for their work to be featured in the virtual galleries. For more information, including a proposal form, please visit the Learning and Teaching Commons website.  

COVID-19 Support Survey | Due by June 8

Is Evergreen providing the support you need during COVID-19? On Monday, faculty received an email from inviting you to complete a survey to check-in how faculty feel about Evergreen’s response to COVID-19.  Your responses will be instrumental in shaping workshops and summer institutes hosted by the Learning and Teaching Commons as faculty prepare for fall.  Please take a moment to complete this survey. Students and staff were also sent a survey. If you are currently teaching and did not receive this email, please contact Coral Garey 

End-of-year Capstone and Presentation Calendar | Last Call

We are creating an all-campus list of capstone and end-of-quarter student work so members of the Evergreen community can see all of these events and opportunities listed in one place. If you would like your students work to be represented, please fill out this questionnaire

Juneteenth Celebration Submissions | Due by May 27

You are invited to share student projects created this year that would fit the theme of “Liberation and Justice” to be shown during our virtual Juneteenth Celebration on June 5. Student projects might include visual arts, media and multimedia, creative writing and performance arts. You can access more information on the Learning and Teaching Commons Website

Program Budget Requests | Due by May 29

Now that those plans are more settled, I’d like to ask you to go to and click on Academic Resources to make your program budget request. I plan to allocate funds the week of June 1, so please have your program budget requests for all quarters of 20/21 submitted by Friday May 29 at the latest. I will allocate a default budget of $100 if I do not receive a request. If you are content with that, you don’t need to submit anything. You can access more information on the Learning and Teaching Commons website.   

Teaching Resources

Evergreen Summer Institutes 2020

Registration for the Evergreen Summer Institutes is now live. Please visit the Learning and Teaching Commons website to access the summer institute program and registration form. 

Keep Teaching Canvas Course

We encourage all faculty and instructional staff to enroll in the Keep Teaching Canvas course. The Canvas course offers a robust selection of remote teaching resources.

Did you miss an important campus announcement?

We’ve cataloged the communications relevant to teaching and learning on the important updates, policies and recommendations module in the Keep Teaching canvas course. 

Visit for more advice, resources, and tools.

Student Resources

Workshop on Artist Statement and Bio
Friday | WK 8 | 22 May 2020 | 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM 
Join Visual Arts Faculty Lauren Boilini and Visual Arts Coordinator Michelle Pope for a writing workshop on artist statements and artist bios. This workshop is sponsored by, and in conjunction with, The Evergreen Virtual Gallery project. Spend time with Lauren on Zoom tackling the ins and outs of this necessary evil: writing about your work and yourself. Building a vocabulary for your practice as a maker can help introduce your work to an audience, along with assisting in grant applications, approaching galleries, applying for graduate school and artist residencies. Working on your statement alongside your bio will help you build a foundation for creating your resume and future cover letters.
The Writing Center
The Writing Center continues to offer our students high-quality, tailored writing support. Please direct your students to their website for updated drop-in hours for Academic Statement support. For students who missed the 
April Academic Statement workshop, a recording is available on the Writing Center website
The Geoduck Student Union COVID-19 Support Group for Students
Students seeking a safe space to talk, be heard, and to be in community with fellow students, are invited to join the Geoduck Student Union's student-centered/student-run weekly virtual space. Information on joining the meetings can be found on the Geoduck Student Union website
Thurston County Food Bank Pop Ups
The next Food Bank Pop Up will be held on Tuesday, May 19. Students will be eMailed updates on the Food Bank Pop Ups. A schedule is available here.

Additional resources for supporting students are available in the Keep Teaching and Keep Learning Canvas courses. Please encourage your students to review the Keep Learning website at :  
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