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4th Annual Oyster Cook-off
Be sure to stop by our booth this Saturday, January 17th during the Oyster Cook-off in Apalachicola.  We will have dogs and cats available for adoption, merchandise for sale and information about our mission and ways you can get involved.  If one of your new year's resolutions is to "give back" and do some volunteering, our organization may be just what you need.  We certainly need you!
This poor, neglected boy was left in our drop pen on Christmas night.  Under the circumstances, that may have been the best gift he could have received.  As you can see in the first picture, he had a severe case of mange and very infected and inflamed skin.  His ears were infected as well as his eyes but he was sweet and social and we knew he was beautiful underneath it all.
In the second picture he has been treated for a week. The swelling has been reduced and you can begin to see the contours of his face and head.  His skin is no longer weeping and hot to the touch.  He is eating well and feels much better
In the third picture, he has completed 2 weeks of treatment and you can see the hair growth on his face and chest.  He feels very good and is playful and affectionate.  He is blossoming!
If you would like to donate toward his care, please go to, click on "help"" and donate via paypal.  We depend on donations to care for all of our pets and need your support to keep our doors open and food and medicine available.
If you would like to follow his story on facebook, please "like" us so that you can monitor his improvement and see all the animals coming into our shelter.
The 2015 Mardi Gras Parade in Apalachicola is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet! There will be a pre-party while setting up for the parade, the parade itself and then the after parade party at BOWERY STATION. Food, drink, games, music and dancing all to benefit the Humane Society and Apalalchicola Dog Park.
It's all happening on Saturday, February 7th at 1:00 p.m.  For information or to pre-register, call 850-670-5764.
Many of you will recognize these faces.  Winnie and Clemmie have been housed here for an entire year now.  They are a bonded pair of Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback sisters.  They are very intelligent, gentle, social and well mannered. They are housebroken and other than enjoying chewing up an occasional pillow, perfect inside dogs.  As you can see from the picture above, real couch potatoes.
"If they're such great dogs, why haven't they been adopted?" you may be asking yourself.  Well, they're bonded and we won't separate them.  They've been through enough stress and heartache and we don't want to put them through more.  Adopting out one large dog is challenging much less two but we know there is a perfect home out there for them.
If you are interested in meeting them, they will be at the Oyster Cook-off this weekend.  If you know of someone that might be interested in them, please email them this newsletter.  I would like to challenge all of our members and supporters to help us find these fantastic dogs their forever home in early 2015. Spread the word!
We ran a story in the September newsletter about three pups that were brought to us.  They were the surviving puppies of a litter of six and had been living in squalor and filth.  The picture above is of the three of them when they were in our care.  Below are pictures of them in their forever homes.
Polo (left) was adopted by a young woman and her fiance in Jacksonville Fl.  He had been transferred to a wonderful rescue in Jacksonville that we partner with and was in his new home within 2 days of his arrival there.  He is doing very well and is happy, healthy and much loved as you can see.
Nellie (center) was also transferred to Jacksonville and she too was adopted within two days of her arrival.  Her adopter reports that she is a very gentle, mellow pup who loves attention and affection.  He calls her his velcro dog because she's always by his side.
Marco (right) was adopted from Oysterbones in Apalach.  Oysterbones does a fantastic job showcasing our pups and have found fantastic homes for more pups than we can count.  Marco's family was vacationing on SGI when they met and fell in love with Marco and decided to take him home to Little Rock, AR.  He is a loving and beloved pup both by his humans and his cat.  He sleeps in bed with his owners and can now sit, shake and lay down.
It warms our hearts to know that 3 little pups who had a very rough start in life are thriving and well loved in their forever homes.  We do so love a happy ending!

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