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2022-2023 Housing Process | Rising 3rd- and 2nd-Years
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We hope you are having a great start to your Spring Break. As we look ahead to the week after the break, we wanted to outline what’s to come. Starting March 22, as a rising 3rd- or 2nd-year student, you will be able to apply for your 2022-2023 on-campus housing! The application will be open March 22-28.
Reminder: Unless exempt from our three-year residency requirement or studying abroad, all rising 3rd- and 2nd-year students are required to live on-campus in the 2022-2023 academic year.
The 3rd- and 2nd-Year housing application period begins Tuesday, March 22 at 10 am EST and ends Monday, March 28 at 4 pm EST.
Planning on living in a District House affinity suite or fraternity/sorority chapter housing next year? You will receive separate communication about how to apply for that type of housing - no need to apply for housing until instructed.

2022-2023 Housing and Dining Options and Rates

Please take a moment to review 2022-2023 housing and dining rates. In your housing application, you will be required to select a dining plan as a dining plan is a requirement to live on-campus. The dining plan you select does not need to be your final choice. You’ll have until June 1 to adjust your dining plan, if needed.
**New Upperclass Housing Option Available: West Hall
Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard from some current residents who would like to live on the Mount Vernon Campus as upperclass students. We heard your feedback and are glad that you like living on or want to live on the Vern! We are excited to announce we have opened up a new upperclass housing option and West Hall will now be available for any rising upperclass student to live in addition to the previous buildings previously announced. Upperclass students will be grouped together in a cluster of rooms on the 4th floor of West Hall.
West Hall will be the only residence hall on Mount Vernon available for upperclass students, and only students who explicitly state a desire to live in West Hall will be assigned there for next year. If you don’t desire to live in West Hall, you won’t be assigned to live there!

Insider Info: Upperclass Room Size Still Available

Now that some of your peers have been assigned to rooms through earlier phases of the housing assignment process (ie: Room Renewal, students applying with DSS housing accommodations, or the 4th-Years & Friends phase) some rooms and buildings that you were thinking about may no longer be available.
We realize that there is a huge desire to live in some of the more popular residence halls like South Hall. However, at a certain point in the housing process there may only be a few rooms or no rooms available in certain buildings based on who applied in the earlier phases. If the number of available rooms is low and all, or even a majority, of our rising second- and third-year students list South Hall as their first choice on their preference list we would have many disappointed students. This "Insider Info" is our way of helping you set realistic expectations for yourself and your 2022-2023 housing.
We're providing the current room types still available and we encourage you to use this information to help you make a more informed decision when you fill out your room and building preference list. 
I’ve looked at the room types left availabe & now realize the room and/or building I wanted to move to is no longer available. What should I do?
  • Now that you know what’s available or not available, don’t list a non-available room and/or building as your top preference. List another room/building as your top preference. Listing an already filled room/building as a preference “just in case” will not give you “a better chance” of being assigned that space because there are no changes to rooms/buildings until the entire housing process has been completed.
  • Some of you may ask, "I did not apply for Room Renewal thinking I could get into another building I liked better. Can I apply now for my current room?" Unfortunately, the Room Renewal period has concluded and is no longer available. Please develop your preference list based on the current room availability noted above. 
Note: fully single units are not available to select from in the upperclass room preference list and you should not expect to be assigned to a single unit unless you have an approved DSS housing accommodation for a single. 

Submitting a 2022-2023 Rising 3rd- or 2nd-Year Student Housing Application

Beginning March 22 at 10 am EST, you will be able submit a housing application and invite friends to a roommate group. Here’s how applying for housing a rising 3rd- or 2nd-year student will work:
STEP #1: Submit a housing application via the Campus Living eServices Portal via the “Apply for 2022-2023 Housing | Rising 3rd- and 2nd-Year Students” link.
  • Starting Tuesday, March 22 at 10 am EST, rising 3rd- and 2nd-years may submit a housing application. In your application, you will acknowledge your desire to live on-campus next year and sign your 2022-2023 Housing License Agreement (Here is a copy of the agreement if you’d like to read it ahead of time.)
  • You will be required to a list of preferences from among all available Foggy Bottom upperclass residence halls and available room types. We use these preferences to determine which residence hall and room to assign you too!
  • If you do not have any friends you want to create a roommate group with, you’re done with your application.
  • If you have friends you want to create a roommate group with, STEP #2 is for you.    
STEP #2: If you have friends you’d like to live with next year, you will need to create a roommate group and identify one of you to be the group leader before you submit your housing application.
  • To successfully send your friend/s a roommate group invitation, you’ll need their RMSID. This is the number in the housing system associated with every student. NOTE: this is different than your 8 digit GWID
  • Here’s your RMSID: . **Ask the person you want to be your new roommate for theirs.
  • Once you invite your peer to your roommate group, they will receive an email inviting them to your group. The email will include directions on how to accept the invite and how to complete their housing application.
STEP #3: All students invited to a roommate group need to accept the invitation in order to be assigned together and then officially apply for housing the Campus Living eServices Portal (via the “Apply for 2022-2023 Housing | Rising 3rd- and 2nd-Year Students” link).
  • Roommate groups operate on mutual consent, meaning that each individual has to affirmatively consent to joining a roommate group after being invited.
  • Not answering or accepting a roommate group invitation is the main reason why desired roommate groups may not be assigned together. If your invited roommates do not accept the invitation from you, they will not be assigned as your roommate.
  • When accepting a roommate group invitation, all students will also need to fully submit a housing application, including signing your 2022-2023 Housing License Agreement (Here is a copy of the agreement if you would like to read it ahead of time).
Once the 3rd- and 2nd-year housing application period concludes on March 28, we’ll process all the roommate group requests. By the end of that week, we will officially communicate your 2022-2023 housing assignment if you applied for housing during this phase of the housing application process.

For You: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage you to learn more about applying for housing as a rising 3rd- or 2nd-year student. We’ve included a few Frequently Asked Questions that may answer your questions before you ever need to contact us directly.
Learn more about Apply for Housing as a Rising 3rd- or 2nd-Year Student
After reading through the process details on our website, if you still have questions, reach out to us directly at
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