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Alright folks, this is it! The 20th Anniversary St. George Island Sizzler 5k and Fun Run is happening again - and 2017 will be our 20th and FINAL year! RAIN OR SHINE!
After 20 years of fun and runs in the sun to benefit the Franklin County Humane Society, the St. George Island Sizzler is retiring. So don't miss your final chance at this unique event!
Sponsored by the Tate's Hell Track Club, all proceeds benefit the Franklin County Humane Society. After the race, enjoy a Post Race Party with fresh seafood, beverages and live music at St. George Lighthouse Park.
After months of treatment for the horrendous injuries to her neck that were sustained from being chained to a log, treatment for heartworms and socialization from staff and volunteers, our sweet, long suffering Mia has a home of her own.
She was adopted to a lovely couple who were moved by her story and wanted the opportunity to change Mia's life forever.  They came to the shelter several times to interact with Mia, giving her a chance to get to know them and become comfortable.  It didn't take long before they bonded and Mia was officially adopted.
She is settling in well in her new home, meeting her neighbors and enjoying a life without chains.   She has been through a terrible ordeal and we are just so happy to report that Mia's suffering is over and her life is now filled with love and joy.
You may recall reading Marsha's story a few months ago.  She was the very timid dog that we had housed for over a year.  She was in foster care for a good portion of that time and her foster parents made great progress with her but still no adopter came forward.
After posting her story on facebook, this newsletter and at adoption events, someone finally came to the shelter to meet her.  That "someone" turned out to be an amazingly loving and patient woman who had no reservations about adopting a timid dog.  
After meeting Marsha she came back a few days later with her dog for an interaction and the two pooches hit it off immediately.  Marsha was shy with the adopter but that didn't surprise or bother her at all.  She adopted her on the spot and took her to her new home.
Marsha was never one to sleep in a bed with a human but things have changed!  Above is a picture of her in her adopters bed along with a picture of her enjoying her big back yard.  Life is good for our Marsha!
We highlighted Tank  in last months newsletter.  He was the dog that lived on a chain and was teased by neighborhood kids.  Due to that cruel treatment he was distrustful of people, especially men.  He also had a huge bark which scared people away before even giving him a chance.
Again, someone read his story and was compelled to come and meet him.  A wonderful woman had lost her dog some months prior and was looking for a companion who would also serve as an alarm if someone approached her home.  She came to the shelter to meet Tank and was charmed by his sweet demeanor and handsome good looks.  She took him home that morning.
We hear he loves his new home and big backyard.  He has become his adopters shadow and follows her wherever she goes.  She has plans to take him to obedience training to help him continue to learn to trust, learn manners and to expose him to new experiences. 
Above is a picture of Tank playing with and chewing on his favorite nylabone in his new home.  Notice the absence of a chain and boys throwing rocks at him.  Tank is finally in the type of place  all dogs should call home.
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