Weekly Coach Newsletter - October 20, 2020
Weekly Coach Newsletter - October 20, 2020

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2019-2020 Top 100 Schools

Each year, the 100 high school chapters with the largest number of new Honor Society degrees receive the Top 100 Schools designation. Check out the list for the 2019-2020 school year here. Coaches and administrators will receive letters of congratulations.

2019-2020 Club Award Winners

Every year, schools can earn Club awards for achieving degrees in the Honor Society. Club awards are based on school strength (see below). For example, the 100 Club recognizes schools with a strength of more than 100 points in the prior school year. The 200 Club honors schools that earned 200 strength points; and so on. Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Club Award winners! Coaches and administrators will receive letters of congratulations.
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Why Points and Degrees Matter for Programs and Students

When students join the NSDA, they embark down the road to Premier Distinction, the highest degree level in our Honor Society. Earning points through competition and service can provide motivation for students to keep building their skills in the face of obstacles. Plus, earning points also determines eligibility for special NSDA awards, such as the Academic All American award.
Points and degrees don't just matter for students; they impact your program at large! Degrees are used to determine charter status, the highest honor for high schools in the NSDA. Additionally, each degree from an active, paid student adds another point to a school’s strength, which determines Club awards and impacts the number of entries a high school can take to the district tournamentLearn more about strength »
None of this is possible until your students become NSDA members! Learn more about student membership and how to add new students today.

Tabroom Tip: Hosting Free Asynchronous Events

If you are considering holding speech events asynchronously at your tournament, consider whether Tabroom.com’s asynchronous features can help automate the judging process! Tabroom.com can support events where students have submitted links to a recording of their performance and judges have a period of time to watch and judge those recordings. If you set up your events this way, a judge can log in to Tabroom.com, see their assignments, and click video icons next to each student’s code to watch their videos in order and complete their ballots. This process was used for the online 2020 Middle School Speech Challenge and preliminary rounds of the 2020 National Tournament supplemental speech events.
Teaching Tolerance Resources for teaching about race, racism, and police violence

Financial Support for Students in Need of Tools for Online Competition

Thanks to the generosity of The Julia Burke Foundation, coaches can apply for financial support on behalf of NSDA member students who lack needed technology resources (webcams, microphones, laptop, hotspots, etc.) to successfully compete in online speech and debate activities. Advisors for active NSDA member schools should fill out this form for committee consideration.

Check out the Updated Unified Manual

Following the fall Board of Directors meeting, we've updated the High School Unified Manual. Read a summary of the updates in the change log at the bottom of the manual in Appendix E: Change Log or look for the yellow highlighting throughout!

Purchase Digital Copies of 2020 Final Rounds

If you don't have a Resource Package subscription, you can now purchase individual final rounds! Each high school individual round is available in high definition can be downloaded and viewed immediately upon purchase.
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