To the USA Science & Engineering Festival Family:

The callous murder of George Floyd was a horrifying illustration of the racial injustice and inequity that continues in American society. We join in the feelings of outrage.  We recognize that subtle and overt forms of discrimination are embedded in unexpected parts of our society, including Science, and we hope that our efforts can help to reduce disparities and create expanded opportunities.

Our founder believed, “As a society, we get what we celebrate.”  We will continue to celebrate the numerous contributions made by Black scientists and to highlight diverse professional role models in STEM careers. We will re-double our efforts to inspire our nation’s children to tackle scientific challenges and the racial inequities that persist.

We are resolute in our commitment to act as a catalyst for real and lasting change within the STEM community of education, career development, and innovation.

Standing with you.

The USA Science & Engineering Festival Team 
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