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Blizzard 411
Here are some tips for staying safe today:
Avoid unnecessary travel. There have been over 134 accidents on the highway this morning, including a fatal accident. If you must travel, move carefully, give yourself extra time and stay alert. Buses and light rail are also safer alternatives.
Call 311 with any non-emergency calls. Use the 311 app if you have an Android or iPhone.
Report power outages to Xcel Energy. We are aware of several power outages in the Ninth Ward, but it is important for every household to report their outages.
Be careful shovelling heavy snow. If you are able, help shovel or snowblow the walks of the elderly, those with disabilities or families with children. 
Be kind to your neighbors. Be a plow pal! Remind your neighbors of snow emergency rules.
Remember, we are aware of issues happening in the ward, and are working hard to make sure everyone stays warm, safe and sound. We can get through this more easily if we work together.
Stay safe,
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