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🫶🤍May the New Year bring you love, peace, happiness and comfort!🤍🫶
🫶🤍May the New Year bring you love, peace, happiness and comfort!🤍🫶
Puksta Fall Retreat at CSU
Dear Puksta Friends and Family, 
Tomorrow we say our goodbyes to 2022! As we take the time to reflect on this past year, many of us will find moments of struggle. But, it was also a year of reuniting and starting to build those connections back... face to face, smile to smile.  
There is value in reflecting on both the highs and lows as it brings what is truly important into focus. As you look back, we hope that it will be the moments of joy and warmth that will be the ones that rise to the surface for you. 

For the Puksta Foundation, 2022 marked an extraordinary year...Please join us in celebrating some incredible milestones: 
* We welcomed 27 new Puksta Scholars into our program
* We launched a new Puksta Scholars Program at CU Denver
* 14 of our Puksta Scholars graduated in 2022! Way to go Puksta Grads
* We currently have 61 Puksta Scholars in the program
* We celebrated 22 years of granting scholarships
* 318 Puksta Alumni have now gone through our Puksta Scholars Program and are still continueing to do amazing things in and for our communities!

Our Puksta Scholars are the heart and soul of this foundation. We are so proud and grateful for all the work they do to create a positive change in this world. Many times putting aside their own needs and wants to help others.
Family is who we are at the core of the Puksta Foundation, whether you are a mentor, coordinator, donor, partner, scholar, alumni, or a friend. We are so thankful for all of you who support and believe in the work we are doing at Puksta. We are grateful to have you all by our side. We would not be celebrating the successes and milestones of 2022 without each and everyone of you. We are all in this together.
Happy New Year everyone! May 2023 bring you love, peace, happiness and comfort.

Be kind to yourself and one another, 

NiChel and Johnny Mulstay
Keep scrolling down to join us in celebrating this last year! 

Congratulations to our Incoming Puksta Scholars 

Puksta Intercollegiate Fall Retreat

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Welcome to the Puksta Family, CU Denver!

It has been a long time in the works, but our dream of having a Puksta Scholar Program on CU Denver's campus finally came to fruition this fall. We would like to give a special thanks to our partners at CU Denver and Prosperity Denver Fund. We welcomed in 10 Puksta Scholars this year and will be ramping up to 16 in the years to come. 

CSU Puksta Scholar Showcase

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Congratulations again to our Class of 2022

Thank you Puksta Coordinators!

Huge thank you to our Puksta Coordinators!! With out all of you this would not happen. You are there for our scholars to mentor, to guide, to listen and to be the rock that they need through this journey. 
We are so fortunate to have you on our team! 
From left to right: Jaimie Carrington, Ana Contreras, Sam Desta, John Macikas and Kaila Russell
CU Boulder
CU Denver
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