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Capture a meeting, deepen engagement - with words and images
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That drawing thing I do
Let’s say you go to a conference or are at a meeting. What you hear goes into the ether and disappears.
What if the event was documented with words and images? That’s what I do: I’m at the front of the room, drawing a BIG poster, scribing live in real-time, to capture what is being said - using words, pictures and color.
People’s eyes light up when they see the drawing, as they watch the conversation come to life, in context, on a blank piece of paper. All voices are heard. There’s just something magical about hand-made words and pictures. 
Want to find out how I can help your group deepen engagement, brainstorm, or solve a problem? Not sure how you can use a graphic recorder but want to explore ideas?

The 5 “Dos” of Brand Personality

When people experience your organization, do you think they get a strong sense of your brand's personality? If you had to choose a few adjectives right now to describe it, could you? 

It's important to be clear about this, because it affects the visible and outward manifestation of your brand, in subtle and obvious ways.

All you need to begin is a list of adjectives that describe how your organization acts, looks and feelsHere’s my 5 top tips to creating and using brand personality in communications.

Julia Reich of Stone Soup Creative is a branding consultant, graphic designer and graphic recorder. 

She helps organizations distill complex brand messages, processes and concepts using innovative graphic recording and design thinking techniques. This results in visual artifacts that showcase research, ideas and outcomes from collaborative sessions. 

Some of the clients Julia's been working with include Association of Art Museum Directors, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and the Indiana University Network Science Institute.

Learn more about Julia and Stone Soup.

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