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The MCHRI SPARK Partnership: Designing Non-ototoxic Aminoglycosides

The Stanford Maternal and Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI) partners with the Stanford SPARK program to support innovative maternal and child health projects that will advance research discoveries into promising new treatments for patients. Hear from Dr. Daria Mochly-Rosen, founder and co-director of SPARK, provide a brief overview of the translational research program, mentoring and educational opportunities in drug development and commercialization, and resources available to participants of the program.

In this seminar, Dr. Alan Cheng, associate professor of otolaryngology and a SPARK scholar, will discuss his collaborative work with Dr. Anthony Ricci to create a safer drug version of aminoglycoside antibiotics – a commonly prescribed antibiotic that is one of the leading causes of hearing loss in children. With MCHRI and SPARK support, Dr. Cheng and his research team have developed the first series of antibiotic compounds and are testing the new version of non-ototoxic aminoglycoside antibiotics. He will present current research in this area, progress in the drug development stage, and the future direction of this work. Read more.
Monday, June 3, 2019 | 12:00PM-1:00PM | Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center, Room #102
WHSDM Center 9th annual Women's Health Forum

Save the Date (June 5, 2019) for the Stanford Women's Health and Sex Differences in Medicine (WHSDM) Center 9th annual Women's Health Forum from 12:30pm-5:30pm in LKSC Berg Hall.  WHSDM is partnering again this year with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and also the Center for Innovation in Global Health to bring an exciting program on GLOBAL WOMEN’S HEALTH - including preventing violence against women and girls; women and HIV; intersectionality and adolescent violence; maternal mortality in low resource areas; and more. Read more.
                    Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 12:30PM-5:30PM |Berg Hall B & C
From Selma to Moscow: How Human Rights Activists Transformed U.S. Foreign Policy
Join the Handa Center for a talk by Sarah B. Snyder, Associate Professor at American University's School of International Service. She is a historian of U.S. foreign relations who specializes in the history of the Cold War, human rights activism, and U.S. human rights policy.

Dr. Snyder is the author of From Selma to Moscow: How Human Rights Activists Transformed U.S. Foreign Policy, which explains how transnational connections and 1960s-era social movements inspired Americans to advocate for a new approach to human rights. Her first book, Human Rights Activism and the End of the Cold War: A Transnational History of the Helsinki Network, (Cambridge University Press), analyzes the development of a transnational network devoted to human rights advocacy and its contributions to the end of the Cold War. Read more.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 5:30PM - 7:30PM | Encina Hall East, Room E008 
Outdoor AR: Who Wants to Come Out to Play?

Augmented Reality (AR) has been one of the hottest and most-discussed technologies over the last decade. When executed well, AR adds contextual information and deepens people’s understanding of “reality” by overlaying 3D/2D computer graphics onto videos and display screens. Many experts are predicting an AR boom in the next 5 years over a wide range of applications, including entertainment, education, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and travel, among others.

Of these many potential uses, outdoor AR is an emerging sector that opens up new possibilities for location-based services. Adding a new digital layer on top of the existing world, outdoor AR will forever change the way we interact with information and open up new ways to transform our surrounding environment. The only limits are our imagination.

While the potential for outdoor AR is huge, it requires new infrastructure. Both startups and big corporations are racing to develop new mapping techniques to position graphics in the real world. Some players are betting on generating content through crowdsourcing, while others still prefer a “walled garden” approach to retain full control over data. Read more.

     Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 6:00PM - 8:30PM | Cubberley Auditorium
Securing Our Cyber Future: Innovative Approaches to Digital Threats
Join us in-person or online for the official launch event of the new Stanford Cyber Policy Center. This all day event will feature the release of the new white paper "Securing American Elections: Prescriptions for Enhancing the Integrity and Independence of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections and Beyond," and offer a full day of research presentations and panels including white paper co-authors. Read more.

    Thursday,  June 6, 2019 | 9:00AM – 5:30PM | Bechtel Conference Center 
The Millennial Dilemma | State of the Union on Poverty and Inequality

With each new generation, there’s inevitably much angst and hand-wringing, but never have we worried as much as we worry about millennials. Can they make it in the new gig economy? Are they facing higher rates of poverty than previous generations? Are the key race and gender gaps finally closing for them? Read more.

        Thursday,  June 6, 2019 | 9:30AM – 4:00PM | Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center 
Stanford Design EXPErience 2019

Stanford's Mechanical Engineering Design Group invites you to join us as we celebrate our students' creative work in design research, design practice, engineering, and manufacturing.

The Stanford Design EXPErience is a unique, once-a-year opportunity to meet with students, faculty and industry colleagues. This year brings you an expansive range of participating courses, faculty, and students from a broad cross section of design thinking activities at Stanford*

ME310: Engineering Design Entrepreneurship & Innovation: making it REAL
Engineering graduate students lead projects related to sustainability, automotive, biomedical devices, communication, and user interaction. Student teams collaborate with academic partners in Europe, Asia, and Australia on product innovation challenges presented by global corporations to design requirements and construct functional prototypes for consumer testing and technical evaluation. Design loft format such as found in Silicon Valley consultancies. 
Read more.

    Thursday,  June 6, 2019 | 9:30AM – 5:00PM | Hewlett Teaching Center 200 & Peterson Building Atrium


Environment America Fellowship
We know all about the damage we’re doing to the planet: climate change, plastic pollution, wildlife disappearing forever. But solutions are all around us: better solar panels, better energy storage technology, better electric cars, and on and on. Our mission—the thing that drives everything we do—is to harness our country’s wealth, our technology and our imagination to make our world a greener, healthier and more sustainable place to live for all of us.

Imagine yourself organizing a town hall meeting on solar power. Or building a community coalition to keep local waters clean. Imagine building the organizational power—the funds, the membership, the activist base and more—that it takes to keep all of this critical work going for the long haul. That’s what you’ll do with Environment America during this two-year fellowship program. We work to mobilize the support it takes to build more solar and wind power, reduce global warming pollution, keep our beaches, rivers and streams clean, protect our wildlife and wild places, and hold polluters accountable when they violate our environmental laws.

 Read more.
Consultant-Technology Innovation and Management

This research opportunity involves Navigant’s Technology Innovation and Management group, a sub-practice of Navigant’s world-class Energy consulting practice, provides technical and market analysis related to the potential for new and emerging technologies to save energy. Additionally, Navigant’s Technology Innovation and Management group supports the development of energy efficiency standards for appliances, lighting, and equipment, which save the U.S. more energy each year than all wind and solar power generation combined. This includes examining the impacts of regulations on manufacturers and understanding the technical improvements, and associated costs, to meet higher performance levels. Read more.
Non-Volatile Mask Design & Tapeout Product Engineer

As a Non-Volatile Engineering (NVE) Product Engineer working in the Mask Design & Tapeout Solutions team at Micron Technology, Inc., you will be responsible for Tapeout of all Production bound NVE Designs. You will craft and maintain documentation, ensure necessary resources and coordinate partner teams through the tapeout process. In this role, you will work with various Engineering and Manufacturing groups to prioritize work and ensure necessary actions are taken to meet schedules. You will be responsible for Mask Design Engineering for all reticles based on DFM, Process input and Fab feedback. You will work closely in cross-functional teams designing solutions to drive yield improvements, enable new processes and tools and mitigate reliability fails through Custom Layout. You will be responsible for the Design Library database management for all Post-Qualified Designs involving building, verifying and handling of Design revisions. As such you will be responsible to provide feedback to Design Teams for learning gained through High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) to ensure our newest designs. You will also provide training for new engineers, deliver instruction, and assist with design debug for Product Engineering and related partners. Read more. 
Summer Program Manager for Youth/Sustainability Non-Profit

The Summer Program Manager (Summer PM) position implements the Climate Careers program in a specific county, or set of counties, in the greater Bay Area while also supporting the overall goals of the Climate Careers program. The Summer PM will work with a co-manager and is jointly responsible for site office administration, youth management, client identification and scheduling, and oversight of service delivery to residential clients.
This position calls for someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment and who can balance multiple priorities. A successful candidate will equally enjoy administrative tasks, community engagement, and direct supervision and development of youth. The Summer PM reports directly to the Regional Manager and collaborates with the Outreach and Marketing Manager. Read more.

Additional job and internship postings can be found at Handshake.
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