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STS Wire 4/25/2017

In this Issue
  • STS Spring BBQ
  • Parallels and Allusions in Early Chinese Texts: A Digital Approach
  • Relentless: Forcing Impact through the Gauntlet of an Emerging Ecosystem
  • The Resilient Job Search
  • Blood in the Sand: Lives Lost in the Fight for South Africa's Rhinos
 STS Spring BBQ
Mark your calendars! STS is hosting a Spring BBQ from 12-1:30pm on Friday, May 5 at Dohrmann Grove. Drop by at anytime to enjoy some food, fun, and great company. 

Friday, May 5, 2017 | 12:00PM-1:30PM | Dohrmann Grove
Parallels and Allusions in Early Chinese Texts: A Digital Approach
Text reuse in the form of textual parallels within and between early Chinese transmitted texts is extensive, widespread, and typically unattributed, often reflecting complex textual histories involving repeated transcription, compilation, and editing spanning many centuries and involving contributions from multiple authors and editors. In later works, a related but distinct type of text reuse appears: intentional but unattributed allusion to the contents of earlier influential or well-known works. Identifying concrete instances of both types of reuse can assist in the interpretation of obscure or disputed passages, and for early texts in particular can also shed light upon difficult issues of authorship and textual history.
Digital methods not only offer the prospect of locating individual instances of both types of reuse automatically, but to the extent to which they can reliably do so also make possible the systematic study of text reuse across a corpus of works as a whole. I describe methods of identifying concrete instances of text reuse in the classical Chinese corpus, evaluate the degrees of accuracy achieved, and demonstrate how the data produced allow text reuse patterns to be explored at a corpus level. Read more.
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 | 4:15PM-6:00PM | CESTA (4th Floor. Wallenburg)

Relentless: Forcing Impact through the Gauntlet of an Emerging Ecosystem
The Philippines has been the underachiever of South East Asia – a country teeming with potential, from the talent of its people to its stunning biodiversity. In this talk, serial entrepreneur Maoi Arroyo discusses how a boutique consulting firm she founded has worked with academia, government, investors, corporations, and startups to push innovations where they can make the most impact. Specializing in “inclusive innovations”, Hybridigm Consulting, focuses on combining technology, business, and community development to increase average household net worth in a country where 85% of people live on less than $5 PPP. Her firm is now transforming into a startup studio and fund dedicated to eradicating poverty in the Philippines in a decade. Read more.
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 | 4:30PM-5:50PM | Skilling Auditorium
 The Resilient Job Search
Searching for a meaningful job or internship can be challenging! At times it can feel as though the search is more about handling rejection than it is about finding meaningful work. The Resilient Job Search is one in which your rejections and setbacks become tools for future success. This workshop will help you reflect on your experiences, identify your expectations, and help re-cast the inevitable frustration of looking for a job as a series of opportunities to learn and grow your resilience, so that you can keep moving forward. Dinner will be provided. Please RSVP through Handshake.
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 | 6:30PM-8:00PM | BEAM, Second Floor Conference Room
Blood in the Sand: Lives Lost in the Fight for South Africa's Rhinos
Rhino horn currently sells on the black market for double the price of gold for its rumored curative properties. While this skyrocketing demand has proven calamitous to the rhino population in South Africa, it has also come at a human cost. At least 500 poachers have been killed in poaching related conflicts over the past five years - a fact that has remained largely underreported. This photo exhibit shares the stories of humans who have been and continue to be impacted by rhino poaching, and hopes to help stop the war over the horn that is, like our fingernails, just a lump of keratin. Read more.
Friday, April 28, 2017 | 2:30PM-3:45PM | Wallenberg Hall Lobby

The Notation in Science Communication (NSC)

The Notation in Science Communication reflects Stanford’s commitment to addressing society’s compelling need for strong communicative literacy among its scientists and engineers.  It gives students the opportunity to develop as specialists capable of explaining science in clear and compelling ways to a range of audiences.  Through the NSC coursework, students also develop collaborative problem-solving skills and strategies for communication across media that will benefit them here at Stanford and in their future professional careers. Read more.

Stanford Athletics Sustainability Intern
The Athletics Sustainability Intern will be responsible for analyzing Athletics’ existing sustainability practices, identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementing strategic changes. Specific duties include: Development and implementation of ongoing sustainability in athletics brand and supporting marketing initiatives, including student athlete engagement. Implementation support for waste bin infrastructure and signage changes at Athletics facilities. Game day support, especially during football season, including: Tailgate recycling and composting, Fan engagement initiatives, Concessions staff and volunteer training, Recruitment of volunteers for waste station monitoring. Support for other sustainability projects in Athletics facilities as needed, including energy retrofits, water efficiency, and behavior change campaigns, Participation in PAC 12 Sustainability Group conference calls, Increased involvement with Green Sports Alliance. Read more.
BEAM Job Postings

Montezuma Castle Natural Resource Management Intern -  American Conservation Experience
Innovation Associate - Georgetown University
Communications and Policy Intern - Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Graphic Design & Community Engagement Intern - Greater Rincon Hill Association
Public Health Internship - Runa Foundation
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