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Earth Day 🌎
Today marks the 50th celebration of Earth Day! Our video lineup below highlights innovative and inspiring STEM presentations by visionaries dedicated to improving the health of our world. Take students into the deep blue with Ocean Explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle and Coral Reef Expert Dr. Anne Cohen.  Learn about endangered species with Dr. Mireya Mayor and how to increase bee populations with Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich. Finally, take a journey back to #SciFest and hear from Astronaut Jeff Williams who broadcasted LIVE from space while orbiting our beautiful planet. 
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Into the Unknown: Deep Below the Ocean with Dr. Sylvia Earle
Dr. Sylvia Earle has spent nearly a year of her life diving beneath the ocean. In the 1960s, the oceanographer had to fight to join expeditions. Women weren’t welcome. Today this legendary oceanographer and environmentalist continues in her exploration of the sea while fighting for marine sanctuaries.

Inside the Heads of Corals with Dr. Anne Cohen
Dr. Anne Cohen is a coral reef scientist and bio-geochemist who travels to some of the most far-flung regions of the world -- ranging from the island of Palau in the western Pacific Ocean, to the Caribbean and the South China Sea -- to investigate climate change and its impact on ocean life. Her work at the renowned Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts focuses on coral reefs and how ocean warming and acidification are impacting these vibrant, beautiful, and diverse underwater ecosystems.

WILD ABOUT SCIENCE: From NFL Cheerleader to National Geographic Explorer with Dr. Mireya Mayor
Dr. Mireya Mayor, a former NFL cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, daughter of Cuban immigrants, and mother of six, knows of what she speaks. “I was a cheerleader who had grown up taking ballet and piano lessons,” she said in an interview with the National Geographic. It was in anthropology class during college when the desire to pursue the study of primates hit her. “I was seized by the fact that some of the most incredible animals on the verge of extinction had never been studied, and that in some cases, not even a mere photograph existed to show their existence.”
Urban Beekeeping as a Tool for STEM Education with Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich
Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich is a biologist, professor, author, and urban beekeeper who studies bee immunology and overall bee health – and he’s on a mission to educate the public about these very important pollinators. His organization, The Best Bees Company, is helping to solve the diminishing populations of bees around the country.
LIVE from the International Space Station with Astronaut Jeff Williams 
Astronaut Jeff Williams joined us LIVE from the International Space Station (ISS) at the 2016 USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, DC.  The simulcast was hosted by former Astronaut Greg Johnson and featured special guests Madisyn Shipman and Cree Cicchino from the Nickelodeon Show “Game Shakers”.  
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