What next after COP26? Nurture your creativity and join us!
What next after COP26? Nurture your creativity and join us!
10 November 2021

Hello friends, 
We have an exciting announcement!  
Join us on 16 November 2021, 13:00 GMT / 14:00 CET for a workshop with creative climate campaigner, Suzanne Dhaliwal on creative strategies for change.
Following our thought-provoking discussion on Colonial conservation and uneven development: The struggle for radical transformation and alternatives (full recording here), we hope to continue the conversation. Post-COP26, join us to keep the momentum going with some creative activity at this immersive workshop on creative strategies for change facilitated by creative climate campaigner Suzanne Dhaliwal.
We will delve into creative campaign strategies to sustain our earth and support resilient communities. Some of the questions we will explore include: 
  • How can we use creative strategies through art and activism to amplify our messages?
  • How do we keep the momentum going from COP26, and continue to create radical alternatives and creative reimaginings? 
  • How can we harness our own power and privilege - as individuals and as collectives? 
  • What practices and rituals could help to revitalise our connection to nature, spirit, and community? How can we move in a way that is transformative, offering possibilities for healing?
Expect rich discussion and come prepared with questions and ideas. It would be great to see you there and we would really appreciate your support! 
Love Samirah
(GEN Programme Coordinator) 
The Global Environments Network (GEN) supports a network of people dedicated to social and ecological justice, healing and planetary wellbeing. GEN is part of the Global Diversity Foundation.

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