October Student Newsletter
October Student Newsletter

Dear Student,

Member Appreciation Week starts on October 22! Students like you make our community a great one. Thank you for your membership!

Coming Next Week: PF Topic Submissions

In response to the community’s interest in becoming more involved with the topic writing process, the NSDA and the Public Forum Wording Committee will welcome resolution ideas this year. The topic area will be announced October 15 and you will have two weeks to submit a resolution through the NSDA website, together with an explanation and research links/citations demonstrating a robust debatable issue. Learn more on our Topics page

Resource Roundup

Congress » Access October legislation from the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops
Extemp » Ten new practice questions for both USX and IX are now available. 
World Schools » Prep with new prepared and impromptu motions from the Global Debate Symposium
Policy Topic Voting » Voting for the 2019-2020 Policy Debate topic closes  October 15
PF and LD Topics » New PF and LD topics are live!
Nationals DVDs » Relive the magic! 2018 High School and Middle School National Tournament DVDs are available for purchase. 

Student Spotlight: Elena Cecil 

In the latest issue of Rostrum magazine, we profile the 2018 National Student of the Year, Elena Cecil. Learn more about why Elena was selected, how she makes a difference in her community, and why she thinks speech and debate is important. 
“I never won first place at any tournament in my entire career. That wasn't what mattered to me. I've tried it all and been involved in a lot, and there wasn't anything out there that does what speech does for kids, that makes them feel as important, or as wanted, or as heard as speech does. I have seen speech and debate change lives."  Keep reading » 

The Road to Premier Distinction

The degree of premier distinction is the highest level in our Honor Society. Every time you compete at a tournament or complete a service activity, you're earning points. As your coach assigns your points, you earn more degrees and receive new seals for your membership certificate. The roadmap below outlines some of the possible stops you can make on your way to the top. 

Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

National Hispanic Heritage Month ends Monday, October 15. If you haven't used our resources for the month to prepare for competition or recruit new members for your team, there's still time! 
Congress Bills » You can debate census reform, comprehensive immigration reform, eliminating Columbus Day, and seven other bills centered on issues impacting Hispanic communities. 
U.S. Extemp Practice Questions » What should the Democratic Party do to mobilize Hispanic voters this November? What should K-12 schools do to help English language learners excel? How should the United States deal with those seeking asylum from troubled Latin American nations? You can practice for your next Extemp round with these and more questions. Plus, if you have a Resource Package subscription, you can also access Advanced Extemp Questions and Resources for both IX and USX!  
Impromptu Prompts » Check out our collection of Impromptu prompts, created in partnership with the Sam Donaldson Center for Communication Studies, which includes quotations, Latin Literature, and more. 
While National Hispanic Heritage Month is ending, we hope you'll continue to use these resources throughout the year! 

Family Newsletter

Spread the word! We've introduced a new family newsletter for folks who want to stay on top of special opportunities and information. Once a month we'll send:
  • Access to free judge training materials
  • Ways to be a great speech and debate volunteer and team booster
  • Information on student opportunities like scholarships, awards, and free competition resources
  • Ways to thank your team's speech and debate coach
  • Special opportunities to show your speech and debate pride 
Please tell interested family members and friends to sign up here
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