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September 2021

Flashpoint -

Risk Management & Safety's quarterly General Operations newsletter bringing you pertinent safety information to aid in keeping our campus safe. In this issue:

     •  IOSHA Recognizes ND Building Projects
     •  ND Safety Success Stories
     •  Safety Alerts

     •  ComplyND
     •  OSHA Remembers 9/11
     •  Injuries
     •  Trivia Contest
     •  Humor

IOSHA Recognizes ND Building Projects

IOSHA recently recognized the McKenna and Remick Hall projects for superior safety performance over the duration of the construction. These major campus builds, overseen by the Planning, Design, & Construction (PD&C) team, reflect the indelible commitment to safety by both our construction management team and the numerous contractors involved. Their dedication to creating a safe work environment is further reflected in their achieving an incredible .99 incident rate with no lost work days over the past fiscal year.

ND Safety Success Stories

DPAC Usher Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Training
Brian Nulle and Dan Burgun have been conducting annual 3 hour comprehensive emergency action plan training with the volunteer ushers and DPAC staff with the assistance from NDFD. The goal is that there will be an instinctive organized response in the event of an emergency.

NDPD Eyes Up Irish
Paul Foley and Rob Martinez of NDPD are promoting a new safety initiative "Eyes Up Irish" to help prevent incidents that may occur when pedestrians or vehicle users are looking at mobile devices rather than the road. Their message is to keep your eyes up and off your mobile device when walking or using any vehicle (bike, scooter, golf cart or car) on campus.

Safety Alerts

Welding Shop Fire - Tennessee's College of Applied Technology, Hartsville, TN - On Thursday, July 8, fire crews were called out after reports of an explosion in the TCAT welding shop. After arriving on the scene, it was determined that an acetylene tank had caught fire. For more information, read here.

Lab Fire - Decherd Elementary School, Decherd, TN - An electrical power strip was found to be the cause of a STEM lab fire in Decherd Elementary School. For more information, read here.

As a supervisor or training admin have you noticed staff or student training showing as “in progress” but are certain the course was completed?  A common solution might be to ask if they downloaded and reviewed the supplemental material.  This document is showing under the documents area on the course page.   Ask the trainee to sign into complyND and verify! Below is a graphic showing where the supplemental material is located on any training containing a document.

OSHA Remembers 9/11

This special edition of OSHA "Quick Takes" remembers 911 and how OSHA staff worked at the recovery site to ensure workers had all the necessary protections to perform their work. 


Injury data is from January 1 through August 31, 2021. Please check out our Type of Injury dashboard. The dashboard contains 4 years of data but filters can be utilized to drill down into data.

Trivia Contest

Every workplace is required to have an emergency action plan (EAP). These plans provide guidance to employees on the appropriate actions to take in a variety of emergency situations. 

The best way to educate employees about emergency evacuation and safety in the event of a fire is by _______________________. 
(A) Conducting periodic fire drills 
(B) Training employees 
(C) Making the fire prevention plan available to all employees 
(D) All of the above   

As we fully transition back to campus and begin another academic year, we encourage you to prepare before an emergency occurs by reviewing your building's EAP and the other emergency information and tools available on the Emergency Planning website.
A drawing will be made from all the correct responses sent to by September 23, 2021. Congratulations to Dana Peloquin from the Building Services for answering our last trivia question correctly! 


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