** Warning - Phishing Email Posing as VolCorp **

Good afternoon, Member, 
Once again, several VolCorp members received a new phishing email earlier today:
Screenshot of Phishing Email
This email did not originate from VolCorp. The “To” address is not a valid email address and is currently being rejected at VolCorp. This is a phishing attempt from outside of VolCorp. VolCorp would not ask for information like this (see graphic below) by sending you to a random, non-VolCorp website, nor would we ask for the password to your email address.

Please do not respond or click on the link.

If you clicked on the link, you were asked to provide additional information related to your VolCorp account. If you did comply with the email and enter the information, please contact your IT staff and VolCorp Operations immediately to disable your account until your password has been reset. If you provided your email address and password, you should change your passwords as soon as possible.

Our Information Security department recommends you block both the unwiredbb.com and mail.unwiredbb.com domains with your email service provider. In addition, we recommend blocking formpl.us on your firewall.

If you have any questions regarding this phishing attempt, please reach out to operations@volcorp.org

Screenshot of Fake VolCorp Online Account login page
Screenshot of fake
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