December News
December News

December 14th, 2020

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CNA Pathway through YST Grant

I am happy to report that the Youth Skills Training Grant was submitted on December 4th and we are among 29 competitors. We wrote it for a CNA pathway in which the 60-hour curriculum would be offered online with a teacher, support would be given from a high school teacher to offer soft skill and job seeking training, and the 16-hour skill training and work experience would be at local nursing facilities. We will be notified late February if we are awarded. Keep your fingers crossed! 
Byron Mentorships 
I have been working with the guidance staff at Byron to create 60-hour mentorships for students in third quarter to go onto the job and learn more about various careers. These are designed for an in-depth experience to really understand the nuances of such a career of interest. Melanie Brennan of ExercisAbilities was quick to agree to allow an interested student in to observe her in that career area. 
Before going on the mentorship, the students will research the company on the FutureForward portal and assimilate themselves with the company and individual jobs offered there.


Byran Boland, the Woods teacher at Stewartville, has been creative with distance learning. He has been able to model, show, build cabinets with students watching and asking questions as he does the work. What a creative way to show hands-on learning to students who are not able to do it right now with distance learning. 

Triton Growth

Ag instructor, Robert Ickler, has been using the hydroponic farms he received from some grants last spring. The goal is to get a greenhouse and he is doing it piece by piece. Since having these hydroponic farms, and making some space in his room, he was able to begin his greenhouse process and plant vegetables. 
Below is an image of lettuce planted from seeds.
Students in the construction program at Kasson-Mantorville are signed up for the virtual "Construct Tomorrow" event happening on FutureForward portal. SSC has partnered with DEED and Construct Tomorrow to offer students an option to explore construction careers virtually through watching videos and lining up live Zoom calls to talk with individuals in the industry. Many companies are willing to participate and share their skills and knowledge. Sheldon Torkelson was instrumental in lining up videos of those in the construction field. 

Construction Month

Industrial Tech Teachers have been contacted in regards to signing on to FutureForward™ for Construction Month December 7th through 18th. 
Benefits of using the tool: 
Specialized informational interviews of industries (construction, electricians, plumbers, painters, cabinet builders).
Can use these connections of the professionals to set up Zoom interviews or live Question and Answer sessions which I can coordinate/set up.
It’s online so kids can use it anywhere!
Things I need:

For students to access the videos, I need their first and last name and their graduation year.

I will create logins and passwords for them which I will then email to the teacher of the course to share out. 


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Happy Holidays!
I am wishing all the teachers, support staff, administrative staff, and others I have run into a very merry, bright, and safe Holiday Season! I will be working throughout the holidays so if you should need something, please email or call me.
Happy Holidays!

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