Essential Practice #2: Integrated & Designated ELD
Essential Practice #2: Integrated & Designated ELD
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Monday December 2, 2019
ELD: Making Thinking and Language Visible

Greetings Oakland Friends & Family!

In our December newsletter, we continue with our focus on Essential Practice #2, Integrated & Designated English Language Development, the heart of our work at ELLMA. Last month, we looked at best practices in the elementary grades. This month, we turn our attention to language instruction in the secondary context. 

Read on to hear from two amazing UPA students about the power of "Morning Boost," as well as teacher learning, future PD opportunities, and ELL Ambassador updates. 

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Integrated & Designated ELD in Secondary

What is Integrated & Designated ELD in middle and high school? 

Integrated ELD is the practice of intentionally teaching language in every content area. By middle and high school, the focus becomes providing access to and building fluency in the thinking and language specific to each discipline. This extends beyond vocabulary into ways of communicating complex ideas in writing and speaking.  While Integrated ELD is legally required and essential for ELL success, the research is clear that all students benefit from explicit instruction in the academic language connected to content.  This is why we say that Integrated ELD practices are equally important for both ELLs and ALLs (Academic Language Learners)! 
Designated ELD in secondary comes in the form of ELD courses. This is a time where ELLs at a similar language proficiency level receive targeted instruction. In OUSD, we offer ELD for newcomers and immigrant students as well as LTEL (Long-term English Learner) courses for students who may have strong social English but are still developing academic language and literacy.  Read below to see how UPA students benefit from Designated ELD in their Morning Boost class. 

How do I teach language in my content area?

These three focal OUSD practices ARE Integrated ELD when combined with explicit attention to language. Great teachers of ELLs and ALLs integrate reading, discussion and writing in every lesson and ask themselves: 
  • How am I structuring before, during, and after reading activities to help my students make meaning of complex text and use the text to help them develop complex language? 
  • What talk structures and language supports will ensure that my ELLs are equitably participating in academic discussions? How can discussion opportunities prepare my students to develop ideas and language needed for writing?
  • What are the types of text students need to learn to write in my content area? What is the language of this text and how can I make this explicit to my ELLs and ALLs?
Check out these resources with planning tools and instructional strategies that work! 
Planning Tools: 
Resources and strategies: 
For Instructional Leaders: ELD Courses & Master Scheduling:

This month's ELLMA Spotlights:  

Melissa and Miralda Share the Power of UPA's Morning Boost

For over 10 years, Urban Promise Academy has offered a zero period of designated ELD to “boost” the language and literacy development of Long-term ELLs.  Known as "Morning Boost", it is one of the reasons UPA consistently has some of the district’s strongest reclassification rates and academic outcomes for ELLs.  We caught up with two UPA students, Melissa and Miralda, to hear about how they are benefitting from the class. See below for some highlights and here for the full interview!
Melissa:   [Morning Boost] helps me because when we are doing some particular questions, the teacher has us read it aloud and we notice our mistakes, and that helps my writing skills. It’s good because you get to talk more because there are less people, so you want to open up more and talk....We are trying to talk academically, so that’s when I know I have to be academic in certain places.

Miralda:  When I’m in a small group, I mostly talk more because the teacher gives more attention since it’s a small group. I enjoy [Morning Boost] because I can express my thoughts which might not happen in a big class with lots of students... when I didn’t have this class, I was shy and didn’t want to express myself. It shows me there’s no wrong or right answers.

Teacher Inquiry on Integrated ELD

(a follow-up from our foundational ALLAS PD)

Edna Brewer Student Mason measuring the diameter of a circle as part of a step in constructing a working definition of Pi.
A teacher learning artifact: A colllaborative poster defining the language of science
In October and November, twelve teachers participated in a follow-up to our summer foundational PD: Academic Language and Literacy Acceleration for Secondary (ALLAS). Teachers dove deep into the language of their discipline, thinking through typical text types and structures students encounter in their classes. Teachers then unpacked a text or task  for language demands and opportunities in order to plan for thoughtful language integration.

Here’s what teachers had to say about their learning:

“The text analysis helped me identify key vocabulary at the brick and mortar levels, and also to identify "juicy sentences" to practice analysis and uncover key meanings.”

“This has definitely informed my planning! I began in the summer by using our training as a framework for my unit and then this fall inquiry really helped me get more specific lesson by lesson.”

“I used it to inform my format and to think deeply about what information do students need to access the complex task. I used the text analysis to plan a before/during/after protocol.”
See here for early info on the 2020 ALLAS Summer Institute, tentatively scheduled for the week of June 8th.  

PD & Leadership Opportunity:

Leading for LTELs

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ELL Ambassador Corner

ELL Ambassadors are site-based liaisons who hold the reclassification process and bring an ELL-lens to instruction. 

Winter 2019-20 Reclassification forms and spreadsheets are due at the end of this week, Fri 12/6. Helpful documents: 
Other imporant updates: 
1. Report card translations for parents who need them are required by state law, and are also a great way to help parents who are not fluent in English stay fully involved in the education of their child. Click on the links below for more information.
2. We are legally required to give 2nd to 12th grade ELLs at least one chance to take the Reading Inventory (RI, formerly SRI) during the midyear RI window so that they can meet the basic skills criteria for reclassification. The window for mid-year opened on 11/4 and will close on 1/31, but it is open for ELLs until 3/27. See more information in the link: REQUIRED: Midyear RI for 2nd - 12th ELLs 11.4.19 to 3.27.19

3. Getting ELLs ready for the ELPAC. Providing strong Integrated ELD and Designated ELD, as well as training in the ELPAC Moodle are some of the strongest options. See the Google Presentation that you can copy and use in your own way:  Using ELPAC to Drive ELL Achievement - 2019-20.
Find more helpful information about the ELPAC and related reclassification criteria in this memo for leaders from August, 2019.

For support, please contact your network aligned ELLMA specialist or contact Mike, ELD Services Coordinator. 

We'd love to hear from you! Please contact Nicole with communications inquiries.
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